@Reiddragon can confirm, I saw him do it and I was a beta tester

@freemo I think I discovered a roundabout way of doing it which is a bit nuclear: create a new group, add the projects there and delete the group. it will be deleted in a week, it looks like, I don’t know if you can delete the group immediately (it’s alekuj)

Nearly missed this sign while walking along 120th Street near Malcolm X Blvd in #Harlem, during my visit home for the Yuletide season.

This is an excerpt from MLK Jr’s “Where Do We Go from Here?” sermon at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference annual convention in Atlanta, GA in 1967.

Hate is a poison that afflicts both those who weld it and those they target. Can America finally rid itself of this toxin??

#BlackMastodon #BlackHistory #BlackTwitter #January6

@freemo there’s not even an option to delete the repo, that’s why I tried the CLI In the first place
we’ve had this same exact discussion some time back

@freemo visited the GItLab instance right now, I still can’t delete repos, even if I move them to another group

interestingly enough, I get 403 Forbidden on glab, GitLab’s CLI tool, even though I am the owner of all these repos. here’s a pic below. maybe you did some funky stuff with member permissions or something, I don’t know

if 6.5 million people had been eaten by tigers and there was suddenly a new wave of super-tigers that could evade all existing anti-tiger precautions, people would think you'd lost the plot if you declared that the tiger problem was basically over

@freemo The site looks really good, kudos to you

I think I should update the site too to reflect the changes in the proposal

@freemo do you have a domain for the website or do I still need to do the whole npm thing every time?

@ramenjunkie This is usually the calm before the storm, knowing how AoC has done things in previous year

@freemo do you have any plans on checking out the current merge requests on UFoI’s GitLab? I’ve done quite an intensive MR you could look at (along with some other MRs)

Be sure to catch the end of this clever NASA "climate spiral" video showing monthly global temperature changes between 1880 and 2021
climate.nasa.gov/climate_resou #dataviz #boost #climatechange #climate

I just get in to xkcd comixs, here is my favoryte one so far.

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