@array @dushman same with PHP: it’s everywhere, so it’s hated by everyone ;)

Ok I have a cancelled meeting! So I'm going to tell you the llama arrival story (as the sky above the canola fields outside slowly turns apocalyptically orange from wildfires hundreds of km away... here's something lighter.)

So, my friend has had this llama for years. He's been a good guardian for my friend's goats. But my friend sold all his goats last year (farming is really hard, people need breaks). So what to do with the llama?

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Here is how to kill a process or user by tty/pts name in Linux. First, list the tty:
Then kill by its number and SIGKILL (non-graceful) or SIGTERM (graceful) as the root:
pkill -KILL -t tty1
pkill -TERM -t pts0
For more info see cyberciti.biz/faq/kill-process

@array I find Debian Sid a bit weird, I only use Testing (on the server too). I think you should be more partial to stable releases for prod, not dev :P

nyt crossword 

@cwillmore I solved it instantly. Mind if you put a pic of the crossword so I can give it a shot?

@65dBnoise too busy sending memes on Twitter and busting unions

It has come to my attention that some people only check their email once - maybe twice - a WEEK. Honestly, I assumed everyone checked at least once a day. How often do YOU check your email? (I'm a constant email checker - possibly to the point that I need therapy.)

@array @dushman old school, but I’m a proud zoomer. :P. Also, add Tcl and Lisp there too, we’re going full in.

Apparently most people agree on your statement, except Python, JS and Rust people (I just had to deal with 2 people like that, one for Python, the other one for Rust).

@array @dushman because there’s going to be at least one package who depends on Perl. In my case (openSUSE), I have a lot of very important packages depending on it such as autoconf, automake, git, grub2, gvim and vim, mariadb, mc, mosh, procinfo, valgrind, wine, xorg-x11-server, xterm and everything yast2-related. It’s really hard to avoid all of those packages (especially grub, git, vim and autoconf/automake for any dev work).

@array I haven’t had any problems with any rolling release I’ve used. For a rolling release TW is quite stable, you won’t lose a whole lot if you update daily or weekly. TW works under what we call “snapshots” (updates bunched together, essentially). Thus, when a snapshot comes around, it tries to update dependencies too (if possible). They don’t come daily, so when they do come, it’s bunched together. E.g. 20230701 updated a whole bunch of GNOME things, not just gnome-software or gnome-control-center. I have package-update-indicator from openSUSE:Factory (you can just one-click install it, another nice part about openSUSE) which gives me a status notifier icon/systray icon. For GNOME you get the GNOME Update Applet (I uninstalled it because I uninstalled GNOME Software because of PackageKit).

You only need to remember sudo zypper dup. You can go with Leap too, depends on the distros you’ve used before and if you require rock-hard stability at the cost of outdated packages (but at that point would you even consider Tumbleweed?)

@dekkzz76 @offset___cyan

hot take: knowing how to code in Python is barely a step up from knowing how to run programs in a Bash shell (and even then, Perl is much better suited for replacing shell scripts).

oh, look at me, I’m prioritizing making code “"”readable””” (whatever that means, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder…) with bullshit PEPs over having flexible code. the only reason Python is where it is now is because of ML and because kiddos learn it because it’s “"”easy””” (I don’t see them going to Lua or Ruby, do they?). look at me, I’m proud of having a billion packages in pip and no coherent pipeline from start to finish. I’d rather have 10 ways to do something than one shit way (PEP 20). Python is and will forever be at this rate an immature language and no amount of TensorFlow code will make me believe otherwise. luckily for you, I have no problem with “immature” or unpopular languages, but I’ll leave it as an underused tool in my toolbox.

@tant if I’m using a language ($lang != “C” && $lang != “C++” && $lang != “Rust”), I’ll have to roll up my bindings anyway or do the library myself at one point or another.

@dekkzz76 @offset___cyan as someone who actually started in his childhood with VB6:

no, it’s even worse than VB(.NET), it’s more like modern-day… PHP (even though Python is older)? JS?


because it been shoehorned into every niche as that's all that taught by academics as it high pass rate is what they get paid on

python is just one tool in the box of diverse languages

python is the modern day visual basic

@icedquinn interesting argument you have going on, Akk*ma user

muted that thread since everyone's like 'hueue not reading the news much huh?' yeah like I don't have better things to do than scour the web to see what kinda cursed shit the Americans are up today

it's actually really common for me to end up frustrated with some technology, start disliking it, and as a result of said frustration to explore it more and more

until i am able to navigate it with ease but without any enjoyment whatsoever <_<

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