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Stop attracting your friends, colleagues, family and fans back to Twitter.

Don't post there. Don't fave things. Don't retweet. Don't DM.

Stop making it a social place for them. It's making them think they should be there.

Put your Mastodon address in your bio, and start posting over here instead.

Note to all professionals....

Autistic self-identification/ self-'diagnosis'.....

**is valid**

Not everyone has access or resources to be formally assessed.

Not all those who want to formally assessed are safe to do so.

Not all professionals who do assess for autism, are fully aware, up-to-date with their knowledge on what autism IS and IS NOT.

Not all professionals practice in a neuro-affirmative way, thereby perpetuating the dangerous deficit-based language and attitudes around autism.

If someone thinks they are or might be Autistic, and comes to you for support around this.....

Please validate them, don't dismiss them and explore their reasons why.... Chances are they've done a lot of research into this, resonate strongly with what they've found....and so very likely to be Autistic.

We professionals can do so much to support self-identified Autistic people to just as we can with officially identified Autistic people.

#Autistic #Autism #OccupationalTherapist #OccupationalTherapy @occtherapy #AHP #Healthcare #SocialCare #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #SLT #Neoroaffirmative #SayNoToABA

I think it would be really awesome if someone developed a single-user ActivityPub server in Guile that can be self-hosted easily with Guix. Something with a simple architecture that's easy to hack on.

Maybe someone could take @cwebber's reference implementation and run with it?

I'd do it myself but I'm permanently lost in my own rabbit hole :)

#activitypub #guile #scheme #guix #selfhosting

Fishpond mosaics with 3D trompe-l’oeil effects by Gary Drostle. Gary is a UK award winning artist specializing in murals and mosaics. He made a series of fishpond floor mosaics with golden fish, the shadow of which creates the illusion of depth.

After two years of negotiations with Microsoft, the joint committee of the German federal data protection authority and 17 state regulators (DSK) published a devastating statement that essentially says that organizations currently cannot use MS365 in a lawful way under the GDPR.

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Everyone that’s vaguely interested in knows about Simo Häyhä, but Aimo Koivunen is underrated as hell:

His story is really wild and shows how determined people can be.

After several years incubating, the #NuttX #embedded #RTOS has finally graduated to become a top-level #Apache Foundation project!


I use it for several dayjob and personal projects. I like that it is very compatible with POSIX APIs, which means you can easily port linux-based apps.

It works on #ARM Cortex, #ESP32, #RISCV, and several others, including #Z180 and several other #Z80 derivatives.

please boost this message across the network as far as you can I think it's really about time someone explained activitypub to me

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me replacing Twitter’s url query string tracking beacon with base64 of “[Object object]” to drive some poor developer insane

On this, the worst holiday of the American year, spare a thought for the murdered millions upon whose stolen land you consume your feast.

“Thanksgiving serves the psychological disavowal of what all Americans know to be true, and yet, cannot admit: that they benefit, actively, currently, from the genocide of Indigenous people.” #thanksgiving

In image formats, 'progressive' means multiple passes, increasing in detail. The other option being one-pass top-to-bottom.

In video formats, 'progressive' means one-pass top-to-bottom. The other option being 'interlaced', which is two passes.

Good luck out there!

So what I’m going to do is, I’m going to examine the CP/M BIOS and BDOS, and the equivalent PC BIOS and MS-DOS APIs for inspiration.

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Now that the system call interface is implemented and working, I can start designing the kernel in earnest. Ideally, the kernel would provide the services needed to access the hardware in a portable manner (user code shouldn’t need to know what memory addresses things are at), and have enough functionality to support a tiny libc or the equivalent for Pascal or the like. for all of the people who think they have to be ultra passionate about programming

How is this for retro-computing?

This is Elektronika MK-61: a Soviet RPN programmable calculator from 1980s. 15 memory registers, 5 stack registers, 105-step memory for the program.

Had so much fun with it in high school - and it still works! In this video I enter the program that generates pseudo-random numbers.

#soviet #retrocomputing #rpn #programmable #calculator

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