Major gaslighting from Daily Salinas, the woman who got Amanda Gorman's poem banned at a FL school:

Salinas denies link to Proud Boys

The advocacy group Miami Against Fascism posted photos of Salinas at rallies with member of Proud Boys and Moms for Liberty, a conservative group that has protested school curriculums that mention LGBTQ rights, critical race theory and other issues. Salinas told JTA that she was not a member of either group, saying she had merely attended rallies where their members were present.

[So, I'm not with them. I just support the same things they do, and attend the same rallies.]

#amandagorman #dailysalinas #bookbans #education #florida

@athomeinmyhead That reminds me of an old joke. Q: Do you know what they call the table where 10 people sit enjoying lunch with one Nazi?
A: They call it "the Nazi Table".

@ambulocetus I've also heard it told as "What do you call 9 people having dinner with a Nazi? Ten Nazis having dinner."


@athomeinmyhead Yes, there are a couple different versions going around. Funny that an 80 year old joke should make a resurgence now. I can't imagine why.

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