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'The Ghost of Oiwa' is one of Japan's most famous ghost stories. It tells the sad tale of a woman who was betrayed by her husband and returned as a haunting spirit determined to get her revenge. The tale is also known as 'The Lantern ghost.' You can read more here:
#MythologyMonday #folklore #ghosts
🎨'The Lantern Ghost' - Katsushika Hokusai, 1832.

Because of our intense committment to our readers (and also because I just enjoy writing and it doesn't take that long), Assigned Media hereby commits to being AI-free.

Also, a bit of analysis on what we expect the combination of chatbots-as-content-writers and anti-trans propaganda will be. (If you're guessing it'll be great news, no worries, uh, maybe relax and read this one after the holiday weekend.)

Unless I know the journalist in question, I think my assumption about the news I read these days is that it's probably an amalgam of 30% truth, 20% ignorance/confusion, and 50% bullshit.

I won't deny that I've brightened up the reflection a little, and I've obviously desaturated the rest of the image (not that there was much color to begin with) – with that disclaimer out of the way:

Crows reflected in a crow's eye.

#birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #birdsofmastodon #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography

@athomeinmyhead That reminds me of an old joke. Q: Do you know what they call the table where 10 people sit enjoying lunch with one Nazi?
A: They call it "the Nazi Table".

how propaganda works 

I used to work at a camera store some 20+ years ago, back when film processing was still a thing. If I'd delivered prints this poorly exposed I would have been banned from running the printer (if not fired for incompetence)

Sometimes journalists, newspapers, “influencers,” scientists, politicians & the rest of us get things wrong. But instead of acknowledging our mistakes, too often, pride or social norms get in the way of saying so.

But it’s good to change our minds when we have new evidence or a new perspective or experience that shapes our perceptions.

That’s how we learn. How we grow. And talking about it should be normalized. The expectation rather than the exception.

Since this post received no boosts, I thought I'd better edit it so as to dial down the message somewhat + I added a photo of a #sports #car (the #tech affect)

A photograph of a landscape in #Cumbria , #England that will be hammered by droughts (summer) & floods (generally autumn) as the effects of climate change intensify.

But, the fewer greenhouse gases people emit today & tomorrow, the less #ClimateChange will "hammer".

#ClimateHeating isn't a holiday in a hot country.


@TechConnectify We can't expect Congress to work on something as trivial as updating the antiquated vehicle legislation. They have far more important work to do, such as investigating Hunter Biden's laptop. That alone is bound to take at least another 17 months.

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