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6/ 🎯 @emptywheel:

Look, the AP **reported** on Trump's speech without being willful mules for his anti-semitic incitement.

It turns out it can be done!

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5/ @emptywheel:

So far at least five journalists, all smarter than this, are willingly playing mules for the former President's violent anti-semitism.

You guys are so easily played. Holy hell.

The other journalists RT the original journalists who willingly chose to be data mules for the FPOTUS' violent antisemitic speech.

This is not journalism, folks. It is being played.

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4/ She did an earlier thread, too. @emptywheel:

A reminder to those who are reporting on the definitely newsworthy detail that the FPOTUS expects to be arrested on Tuesday: He is attempting to incite #violence. Don't HELP him by disseminating his incitement without breaking it up in some way.

That #incitement is, like virtually EVERYTHING FPOTUS writes these days, coded anti-semitism. Again, don't be a mule for his anti-semitism.

Break through the spectacle he is relying on.


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2/ And @emptywheel, as usual, makes some good points:

Here's a headline that is accurate:

The former President is using reports of an imminent arrest to incite violence on social media.

You don't have to name him, accept his label of violence as protest, or disseminate his all-caps language. Don't reward him for this incitement.

🪡 More coming…

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3/ @emptywheel, who is spot on, cont’d:

As journalists, you are NOT required to treat "Take our nation back" as anything but incitement --not least, bc it was a key cry used last time former Pres attempted a coup.

You are also NOT required to ignore the coded anti-semitism of reference to Soros.

Trump has spent YEARS training journalists to reward him every time he ratchets up his language.

The more outrageous, the bigger reward from the press. Pavlov's pups exercised more self-control.

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Remember this picture every single time you hear someone in your city say "we're not Amsterdam."

This was #Amsterdam in the 1970s, via @fietsprofessor.

The cities we admire made better choices regarding cars, and are still making them today.

Better choices instead of excuses.

#cities #cars #bikes #Holland #Dutch #city

When my girlfriend is upset, I let her color in my black-and-white tattoos, because sometimes she just needs a shoulder to crayon

Assassination of Rachel Corie 

Yesterday in Labor History March 16, 2003: Israeli Defense Forces murdered American activist Rachel Corrie in Rafah by running over her with a bulldozer. She had been defending a Palestinian home that the IDF was trying to demolish as part of their collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #RachelCorie #idf #palestine #WarCrimes #israel #CollectivePunishment

Don’t call me skeptic! Should we embrace the label, or focus on the work of being skeptical?
by Jack Lawrence

While the term 'skeptic' has its uses in building communities, it's important that we don't let the label excuse us from the hard work of living up to it

The Current Supreme Court Super Majority: A Threat to Science and Secularism

Larry Tesler,inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74.

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Larry Tesler,inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74.

Important piece on how well-funded campaigns from libertarian forces have stripped public health officials of their powers through lawsuits and legislation, despite majority support for public health measures. It's shameful how the left hasn't fought back.


The period of time between slipping on a peel and hitting the pavement is a bananosecond.

The Xerces Society is looking for two field technicians to help with western bumble bee (Bombus occidentalis) life history studies in central #Oregon. Please see below for more details.

#bees #bumblebees #pollinators

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