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"You wouldn't believe it, a lot of stuff just came out from the mulch!"
"Woah, nice, I'll come to give a look"

I'm pretty sure there used to be a path below all this pumpkins...

I embedded my latest toots in my static website, using the @fenwick67 tool, mastofeed at (thanks!).
Looks pretty good to me, and it was really easy!

Also thanks to @freemo, who gave me the hint of having static websites to work with the . The idea you proposed of a more deep integration, with comments and all, that would be so awesome!

[deleted and redrafted, sorry, I do that a lot]

is one of the few projects that makes sense to have on a .

The aim is to create a simple way to derive value from natural resources, by connecting farmers/land owners to people who want to value their work, and transparently verifying the ecological status with a set of trustless protocols.

Their website:

I also wrote an article about it, if you feel like.

(logo is copyright by regen network)

This still undone building in an in Portugal is one that I followed quite from the beginning.

And by that I mean: from collecting chestnut logs in a nearby forest, to the drilling and screwing of the roof.

Now that the is done, this picture can't be shot ever again.

I'm really quite surprised at how many people actively working with the crises fail to see how the degradation of the middle-eastern is a root cause of the problem.
And how much of our own work is in that degradation.

And even if they see it, restoring that land is rarely considered a priority.

Wonders of life.

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A lighthearted article about my first designed . Was not easy to wrap it up in a simple page, and I'm not a pro so don't expect anything special, but it's fun and I packed it with !

(Constructive) criticism and opinions are very welcome!

[deleted and redrafted because I always, always forget hashtags; and because of formatting.]

I'd like to publicly thank @freemo for this instance. We basically have a kickass instance with unlimited characters, full-text search and more just for the two of us =D
I hope that regardless of the little activity qoto is here to stay (... is it?)

A question here: What does qoto stand for?

Another hot day, another bath. It is still rough around the edges esthetically, but I'd say that ecologically is quite stable: the fishes (gambusia) are able to eat most of the mosquito's larvaes and are providing enough fertilizer for the plants to grow; papyrus, iris and lotus are giving enough oxygen to fishes, and are eating up most of their feces, keeping the water clean.

[Deleted and redraft it to fit the 500 char.]

Dynamic accumulators are plant that take nutrients from down in the soil, accumulate them in the leaves and flowers and release them once they die. Wait, isn't that what all plants do? Yes.

That is why dynamic accumulators are not really a thing, even though people in and say otherwise.

Fixed on !

@ral , how is your little fella doing? My gingers are doing fine, I love the way they grow in neat angles!

Chikoos ripe on the ground, not on the tree, so the can't eat them before other animals do. To solve the problem, they create a kind of greenhouse with leaves around the chikoos, speed up the ripening and the whole colony feasts on it.

Wonders of .

Picture taken in a in

Ecosystem is not just massive scale things. What about the Howard Odum's jar ecosystems? Keep them well sealed and they may go on indefinitely.

Plant creates Carbohydrates from air with light, little mites eat the organic debris and release CO2, the plants reuses it to create more plant, and so on. Ecosystems always strive for abundance.

We'll see how this works out =)

I guess this liquid culture didn't go that well... That's why you always want to make a few spare jars!

Ok well, I'll admit the plan @ral
In the water reservoir there are 2cm diameter strings of polypropylene going down till the bottom of the barrel, which should get the water to the soil by capillarity (tested many, this was the best string).
It is automatically refilled with a floating valve, so no energy needed.

The small orange thing in the enter is a tower, so I just throw my kitchen scraps in there and it should replenish the fertility.
Every hole of course is where a plant will go.

ok, this project is started. Looks a bit retro#solarpunk, but it's a practical thing. Who can guess what it is and what does it do? =D Some hints:

Wondering what the best practice would be on for people talking in more languages.

I don't like to have my timeline spammed with languages I don't understand, so would avoid writing in another language here. So what, making another account? Would be useful to have "subchannels", like does, so that one may just follow my English posts.

Any thought on the matter? What would you consider the best practice here?

It's so true that a bath in the right moment in the right place can be so relaxing... and so ecologically useful!

[deleted and retooted to add hashtags]

I realized I haven't written an yet!

I am an Italian guy who really can't get to be a pro.

After I finished my bachelor in medical herbs, I started to work as an IT while travelling, and discovered a passion in land design, , and tinkering with productive ecosystems in general. Most of what I do is aimed to regeneration, much of it as a volunteer.

I've always been a self-thought amateur in most things, but now I am deciding the take the next step and get back to uni to take a formal path in .

I quit with social medias around 6 years ago. Only now, inspired by the foss attitude of the fediverse, I'm slowly getting back, still testing the water with my toes. I'd like to create a network of with a scientific but hands-on approach. Hope I'm in the right place!

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The Mastodon instance now has a PeerTube instance up at (you can follow PeerTube users from any Mastodon/pleorma/diaspora/etc account). So cool!

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