Have you noticed how well the translators have started to work? I get a nearly clear translation from any language I see in QOTO. Fifteen years ago, this seemed like a pipe dream.

Here is my next dream: I want the device to read the words that I want to say and translate them into a meta-language, and then immediately transmit them to the head of a person.

Let's discuss what good and bad Trump has done during his term as president.

+ He openly spoke about the Chinese origin of the coronavirus, which is most likely true. Blamed WHO for it's late response. I've factchecked it for you:
> January 9: International traffic: no restrictions recommended
> January 24: International travelers: practice usual precautions
> February 3: OK guys it's pandemic

+ Created a good trend to shift production away from China

+ War against Chinese software and hardware

+ Restricted immigration

- Ignored the existence of any environmental problems

- He was an anti-Islamist, killed Qasem Suleimani, who was not a terrorist, and united the whole of Iran against him. He helped Israel financially and politically, which is actually more bad than good. With these actions, he initiated future conflicts in the Middle East, and possibly new terrorist attacks around the world.

- In fact, he does not care about the problems of democracy and freedom in Russia. Don't let his claims of a tough line against Russia fool you. All he tried to do was to increase the political influence of the United States on the EU countries and Ukraine through financial subsidies to countries and NATO and the demonization of Russia. He did literally nothing to bring down Putin's regime.

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Please explain why a number of users is not monotonically non-decreasing function?

Tomorrow will be a crucial day for Russia.

This week, the detentions of political activists began to silence them so that fewer people would come out to protest on January 23.
Every year, the Russian government is getting worse and worse at finding legitimate grounds for arresting political activists. And now the authorities have even stopped trying.

Tomorrow, the scale of police violence and detentions will exceed all imaginable limits. For the sake of guaranteeing a comfortable life for themselves, the police will protect the corrupt authorities no matter what.

The history of Russia is written in the blood of the Russian people. I hope that one day this will change and we will have our 100 years of peaceful prosperity. But no one will just give us our freedom, we will have to take it ourselves.

Fun fact: I can't understand someone who speaks in English (not my native language) with an interference. It could be poor audio quality or background noise.

I think it works in the same way for any person and any language.

I've been taught for perfect conditions so my neural network just breaks.

It's crazy to think about it because programmed neural networks have the same issue – white noise that is added on top of a content drives them mad and they start to give false predictions.

I wanna ask a question to native speakers.

"I have not been using the grill lately, but I used to use it"

Does it sound natural? What would you fix? Can't stop to think about it.

I wasn't sure if ffmpeg I installed is running optimally or I need to fix something...

... until my macbook started to burn my legs

I have a panic attack whenever I try to prepare for a job interview and at the interview itself.

So I need to take medications to be able to prepare and answer questions properly.

It's a fucking nightmare.

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Sometimes when studying, I stumble on passages that make me realise that certain people whom I thought were very knowledgeable in the field were, in fact, just throwing around textbook buzzwords to sound clever after having read the same material.

@freemo how can I add my post to a group? I can't figure it out...

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I have a question about COVID-19 vaccines!

Is it possible that they have side effects that we'll discover only after maybe 2-5 years?

One year of developing seems like a rush. I'm afraid that they're under-researched.

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