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Medical Malpractice for a Failure to Obtain Informed Consent

A failure to obtain informed consent can create substantial liability for a physician or practice, including a lawsuit which alleges that the provider failed to obtain legally sufficient informed consent – a form of medical malpractice in many jurisdictions.

to stop using social media right now is more impossible than ever lol

considering lockdown.apk is always updated time to time again

Thing that 95% Indonesian still **oblivious** about (really I'm not joking). Also, data mine paradise.

covid vaccine health effect, indonesia (from twitter). Many suffer of.

1) parosmia
2) anosmia

for the women they can't enjoy parfume as usual, and for man suffer from weird food smell (vaccinated wifey cooking).

it seems your daily enjoyment will be affected

I don't know if this will reversible lol.

id-ID state of freespeech 

My regular bro doesn't even aware of censorship waves trending in the world. They even can't differentiate censorship and privacy clearly and whenever we talk - security and privacy always precede the later.

while I know well known writers and journalist like Made Supriatma also complaining about stupid censorship on facebook

my internal mind : can we just ignore the blatant censorship as if it's exclusively to americans? 😩😩😩

but maybe here people are too acustomized w/ daily censorship by government and religiously obey without any question. just hush away the bad incidents and its memories and pray that doesn't happens anymore.

or maybe it's just that we do as china do. expect oligarch won't sell us out.

or just maybe I'm not well acustomized w/ eastern politics - since talking openly about it also means one way ticket to jail. It's not like people never do that, they'll always use fake account to mitigate the damage.


Social Media + Dao of productivity 

Why is social media (any of it) a waste of time?

because its 'dynamically waiting for the new data', compare it static html which you basically can read it for once and done.

it doesn't matter if it's alt tech or legacy ones, both is waste of time.

but at the same time beyond your consciousness you're afraid that you left a good info/nuclear bomb moment out of your grasp. Imagine something that might affect stock price but you let your wariness down because of reasons. anxiety is self-defeating attitude against creating more productive time.

and by stating this I'm also not favoring notifications system, I believe only a serfs class that need to be notified on demand.
> in case you want to be notified if certain keyword exist in the news

it's better to set up your time in advance, each 6 hours for 30 minutes (or even less) surfing on social media, and then went off. Its to limit the anxiety while also retaining the productive capacity while working at home

and also disconnecting internet is somehow can cure your monkey brain that always fiddling for nothing.

as if the wall is closing in,
depression means losing,
can't lose more


Elon shared this

Neuralink, something that implanted to your neuron

*Imagine crime like kidnapping pregnant mother and then forcefully implant this onto babies brain. (I'm not suggesting this, but should you need to prepare ... just get ready)

**That kind of case might be possible if freespeech and freeinformation no longer exist aka banned for saying the truth

Somehow I want to discipline myself sharing (non publicly) all history url (I deemed best) without even having to press share.

life log project for them is surveillance

for me is just to give a footprint to trace it back

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