"what difference could it make? it's just butter mixed with canola oil either way", I thought, "spreadable butter is spreadable butter"

I'm never buying this heinous Tesco substance again, it tastes worse than margarine and should be criminalized. I'm going back to my Danish Lurpak spreadable butter, goodness gracious.

@clacke you should get a butter dish and keep it outside of the fridge. butter doesn't go bad in those things, it's always spreadable and 100% buttery goodness :)

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@bonifartius I'm skeptical. Remember that this kitchen can go up to 40 degrees C at times.

@bonifartius a "french butter dish" has a water-seal so that no oxygen can get at the butter.. i don't know the melting point of butter though, so it may still be too hot :)

@bonifartius It destroys everything in the cupboards on a much shorter timescale than a kitchen in a temperate climate, even mulled wine goes bad.

@clacke 😬 ok, maybe spreadable in the fridge is better then πŸ™‚

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