Which localisation do you use for your "workstation" (i.e. primary desktop or laptop computer you use) computer's OS and software?

If it's English, is it your first language or not?

If you have more than one native tongues and one of those is English, chose the first option iff English is the language you use the most often and it is the language you're most proficient in.

Boosts appreciated.


@cadadr english as language as most translations are bad, other locale settings are german, especially date and time stuff.

i'm kind of pissed though that every program implements number localization differently.. one has "." for decimal notation, the next uses the correct localized ",". i don't care much what is used, but that it is always different drives me insane :)

@bonifartius That's almost exactly my situation. My only native language is Turkish but my computers have been in English almost all the time for me because translations are sub par even on expensive proprietrary platforms and it's more efficient when e.g. looking for help online as you can just copy an paste stuff.

In my case I localise the following in English: LANG[UAGE], LC_{CTYPE,COLLATE,MESSAGES}. We use the same number notation as German but I haven't encountered that (,.) problem.

@cadadr it's mostly some gui programs where i've had that ., problem, i remember that some of the finance programs were a pain to type things into as that was wrong and no way to override without changing the global settings..

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