Pretty sure my PC just crapped out on me... not sure why, but it won't power on anymore. The power light comes on, but it doesn't spin up the drive. I swapped out the drive and it never even tries to hit the BIOS.

Usually if I powercycle it a couple of times, it will boot. This reminds me of when I was a kid and I yanked the keyboard out of the PS/2 slot and it fried my motherboard. I haven't taken it apart yet to inspect for damage, but I have a strong feeling that's what's going on.

@herag check RAM seating. Seems unlikely, and yet I've fixed more than one PCs where the RAM chips had just sorta shaken loose.

@klaatu looks like it was a bad processor. It has never worked like it should have. With 8 cores at 4.2 GHz, 16G of RAM, that system should have been blazing fast... instead, it would hang all the time. In the end, I cracked open my case and there are like black burn marks in the motherboard around the processor.

@herag yeah, pretty sure those shouldn't be there. I go AMD whenever possible, meself. Not that they can't make mistakes but i do tend to prefer them.

@klaatu haha, yeah I am searching around for an AMD miniPC. I realized recently that I don't really need this beast of a computer that drinks up electricity like a fish to water. If I can find a low power mini PC I will be happy. Heaviest program I've used is gimp, I think.

Heck... I wish I could figure out how to get Alpine Linux on the RockPro64. I've already got a couple of those, and they are more than powerful enough.


@herag @klaatu maybe a refurbished thinkpad & a docking station? those are usually a pretty good deal.

i was recently searching for an amd mini itx board and cpu for my file server and only found either underpowered cheap ones (~50€)or pricy ones where i'd have to buy a ryzen as cpu so i'd be at around ~300€. my desktop PC for games doesn't even have a ryzen! :D

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