Snus (or "nicotine pouches" as we call them here) are getting banned.
Stating "the product is harmful to your health" and because "nicotine is addictive"...

*Hold me lighter while I go buy 10 packs of 20 cigs from the cigarette store*

(sidenote: I don't smoke)


I guess only Sweden remains
Here, snus is used to get people off smoking

@selea Plenty of friends of mine that used snus to get of smoking as well and just stuck with snus...

God wtf is wrong with this country...
They literally ban or restrict *everything* that can help people get off smoking reliably and don't touch tobacco at all XDDD

(I mean, I know why, money ofc)


@finlaydag33k @selea i'm usually using lös snus. it might not be healthy, but it's hard to explain why it should be as harmful as smoking.
at least i've always found another webshop where i can buy snus..

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