I do not see that this is a problem. Acton had reasons why he left WhatsApp some years ago.



@m0urs @walterebert centralized services can't be secure. i say this for a long time now. even if acton isn't doing something bad, the next one might. it's a giant honeypot for dissidents and all the metadata is a spooks wet dream. everyone has to trust that signal won't do something bad. selling that as secure is bullshit and dangerous.

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So you also cannot use Apple or Android phones as you never can be sure that everything you write is compromised before it will be encrypted.


@m0urs yes, with the difference that you have the possibility, at least with android, to build the os yourself. leaves the hardware level firmware like baseband controllers for which attacks are known :) with modern computers it's really hard to be secure, but the more stuff you have to blindly trust, the worse the whole picture.

@bonifartius Agreed. But how many people do you know who would be able to do that? ๐Ÿ˜Š@walterebert

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