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software project musing 

Someday I'd really like to write a Git extension that makes git repos into self-contained projects more like Fossil.

My main goals is to have something as slick and easy to host as Gitea but more suitable for single-user instances and with a more traditional email-oriented workflow, ideally with all state including mailing list and IRC archives stored in the repository like Fossil repos.

I've looked into trying to host my own Sourcehut or the traditional stack of Gitweb/Cgit + GNU Mailman but they're both really clunky with way too many moving parts that would be hard to manage and back up.

Ideally you'd just have to install git and this program, make some minor config edits, start a service, push up your repos and everything would just work; including an IRC archive bot, mailing lists, maybe an ActivityPub gateway for receiving patches and bug reports from Gitea, and a friendly web UI to manage everything. Every time you pull your repo it will download email messages and IRC archives and you can run this program locally to view everything in a web UI if you want

I think most of the conceptual groundwork if covered already by projects like this
this is controversial but I think we haven't done enough to help the coronavirus. civilization is on the outs anyway and this little viral accelerant isn't doing enough. little freeloader could stand to pull her weight around here. we must immediately fund gain-of-function, chimera and immune escape research at any halfway-decent biolab that wants it. together our nightmare of an urbanized global society can be overcome. we can make Earth prosperous again, we can make Earth safe again, we can make Earth great again! #OmegaStrain2024

mods are asleep, post the USB specification for the HID identifier classifying a device as a USB magic carpet

Good morning everyone o/
I wish you all to have a nice day, here's a fortune:
Fine day to work off excess energy. Steal something heavy.
yeah im really communist and ancom and sgtuff you shold check out my tiktok and my discord server also i love google microsoft amazon i pay for netflix and GOD i love twitter

Regulatory failure #powerGrid:

People in the South-West of #Germany are asked to safe electricity for a few hours this evening. :ablobwhatisgoingon:

Reason: Lots of #windEnergy created in the North today is bringing down prices according to the established price mechanism.
Industrial energy generation is therefore reduced due to low prices. BUT the energy grid capacity is too low to send the surplus from North to South. Now we import electricity from neighbours :thisisfine:


I detest the landfill count of modern life.

Not just fones, but a stream of dead microwaves, packaging, cars, etc.

Zu diesen hübschen "Bänken," die wie Bücher aussehen ->

Es lohnt sich, den Text dazu zu lesen.
Das ist sogenannte "feindliche Architektur" - die sind unbequem, damit keine Obdachlosen drauf schlafen.

So gehts zu in der Normalität. Es ist genug auf der Welt für alle da, doch es werden Kraft und Reccourcen ausgegeben, Obdachlose ferzuhalten, statt dafür zu sorgen, dass wir ALLE Raum zu Leben und Essen und Wärme haben.

Es ist genug für alle da.

This makes me very angry.

These are anti-homeless benches designed to look pleasing. It’s called hostile architecture. They’re meant to be uncomfortable to discourage sleeping on.

The people who designed these are assholes. They’re decorators, not designers.

A designer makes things to improve the world for everyone. A decorator takes otherwise unpalatable injustices and disguises them with aesthetics in an attempt to make them inoffensive or even desirable.

Be a designer, not a decorator.

Selling Fediverse Consulting, helping you choose the right instance to join.
#Russia military prosecutor just filed a request to block website in all Russia. Yes, the main United Nations news website will likely be blocked in Russia, for "discrediting Russian armed forces", which essentially means writing that Russia attacks civilian infrastructure in #Ukraine, which Russian propaganda is boasting all the time, but not eve UN can say that 🤷‍♂️
Nach meiner Überzeugung und Beobachtung will #Selenskyj den #Ukraine-Krieg: Was man von ihm hört, ist nur #Waffen, Waffen, Waffen und nochmals Waffen. Keine Forderung nach mehr #Diplomatie.
Für diese Sichtweise spricht auch, dass die #ukrainische #Führung ihren Menschen das Recht auf #Kriegsdienstverweigerung verweigert. Diese Menschen müssen sogar mit langjährigen #Haftstrafen rechnen.
for our american friends, consider this... your right to say "no" to an experimental medical procedure, is also contingent on your ability to feed, house, cloth, etc, yourself and your family. to be denied a job or means to those ends is to be denied the right to say "no", which is by definition not consent of the governed, but coercion and duress.

that brings up a tangent on the conflict which arises between property and need, and to which is properly owed the right to say "no". that question is at the root of the capitalism/socialism debate. anyway, a topic for another time...
@scathach I'm okay with outlawing gas stoves if the purpose was to build all homes with rocket mass heaters instead
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