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Scam Alert!

If you receive an email or response on Mastodon like the following, DO NOT click the link. It is a scam fishing for login details at the very least.

"Mastodon has detected botting malware on your PC that is congesting the Mastodon network. All affected accounts will be suspended within 24 hours unless removed. _https://REDACTEDLINK"

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Ini adalah akun alternatif lainnya untuk @brss .

Boleh di follow, boleh juga gk.
Salam kenal

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For those who care attached are the screenshots of the nazi who was banned from QOTO some time back and started a hate campaign by pretending to be LGBTQ ally "calling us out" but just made up lies... he did this over the course of many months and ultimately is the source of the problems that snowballed and led to all this to begin with.

I will do a write up on this soon.

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How to follow instance domain or hastags on cawfee.club that based on pleroma? I was searching that option all day but couldn't find it?

Can someone help me?

#help #mastodon #instance
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Wanna Have Fun?👀 

🇺🇲What year you were born?
🇮🇩Kelahiran tahun berapa kamu?

*Bisa pilih lebih dari satu, siapa tahu lahir 2x :dinosaur:
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Mastodon.social are closing their registration maybe for a while now. Bcs, so many newcomers now using mastodon.

What a wonderful event😬

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Just a note to all the newbies on Mastodon.

Favouriting a post on Mastodon does not share it like it does on Twitter. It just tells the poster that you personally liked it. The way to share a post is to Boost it (same as an RT) on Twitter.

Boost often!

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So it seems joinmastodon removed QOTO from their directory without cause, without contacting us, and without any discussion or due diligence.

Since this is the only way to actually find QOTO for new users if it isnt reversed soon it could mean the end for our wonderful community.

If you care about this place remaining fair, respectful, and inclusive environment I highly suggest everyone reach out to them annd voice your objecttion and your disapointment and having no procedure to keep this fair and inclusive.

If you want to see QOTO stick around you can email your objecttion here:


Feel free to CC me here: jeffrey.freeman@qoto.org

Please be respectful, we want to show them we are the good guys and not give them any reason to object.

@Gargron @trinsec @khird

Damn, I just realized I was typo.

It should 'know' not 'now' :ablobgrimace:

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Question to #SteamDeck owners - what type of controller would you recommend to use with the deck while playing in a docked mode? Any controller that worked particularly good or bad for you?

#gaming #giereczkowo

Manyy ppl migrate from Twitter to Mastodon right now.

I think that's a good thing right?

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Karena gw masih gabut, gw mau lanjut part 2 dr toot gw sebelumnya. Gw kasih CW biar gk ganggu TL kalian😊 

Bbrp hal yg perlu kalian tahu dalam Mastodon dan bsa jadi berguna selanjutnya adalah.

1. Fitur like toot tdk sama dengan Twitter yg jika kalian like tweet seseorang, tweet tsb akan muncul di profile kalian, kalian hanya bsa membagikan Toot seseorang lewat fitur retweet/boosted.

2. Setiap instance memiliki rules, custom emoji, dan fitur yg berbeda2. Jadi pastikan instance yg kalian gunakan sekarang tdk terblokir oleh banyak instance lainnya karena sma saja kalian terisolasi dr dunia luar krn tdk dapat berinteraksi dgn akun yg mendaftar dari instance lain.

Utk cara mudahnya adalah, cari akun dengan domain mastodon.social <- ini domain mastodon official, kalau kalian bsa berinteraksi dgnnya, selamat instance kalian dapat berinteraksi dgn tenang.

3. Jika kalian merasa salah atau menyesal mendaftar di salah satu instance tpi malas bikin akun baru krn sudah banyak followers di akun mastodon yg lama, coba fitur pindah/migrate akun yg disediakan oleh mastodon itu sendiri.

Fitur ini dpt memindahkan akun kaliam beserta seluruh aset(followers dan following kalian😊.

Namun sptnya fitur ini tdk dapat memindahkan toot kalian, jdi pikirkan matang2 sebelum pindah/migrasi.

4. Utk mencari topik yg kalian inginkan, caranya agak berbeda dgn twitter, hal yg bsa kalian lakukan adalah mencari hastag yg kalian inginkan, contoh kalian ingin mencari orang Indonesia, yg perlu kalian lakukan adalah ketik #Indonesia🇮🇩 di kolom pencarian.

Namun, utk bbrp kasus. Mungkin bbrp instance memiliki fitur yg sma spt twitter dmn kalian dpt mencari postingan/toot dgn mudah.

5. Akun terverifikasi tdk memiliki arti di platform terdesentralisasi spt ini. Jadi, jika kalian baru, dan melihat tanda ☑️. Percayalah, itu hanya emoji. Gw juga kaget di awal2 mengenal mastodon. Akun verifikasi, tpi followers "0"😂.

Kalau gk percaya, kalian bsa cek akun gw yg terverifikasi @brss . Sementara gw bukan siapa2.😬

Lagi2, jika ada pertanyaan atau mau sekedar mengobrol, silahkan balas toot ini. terimakasih, dan smoga membantu.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

@indonesia #Indonesia🇮🇩 #Indonesian🇮🇩
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Can we follow a whole instance that we like so their toots' users can show up on our timeline?

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"Kita adalah bangsa pejuang. Kita punya darah patriot yg mengalir di badan kita, yg tdk mudah menyerah & yg tdk mudah mengatakan 'saya kalah'.
Selamat Hari Pahlawan

#haripahlawan #PartaiBuruh #WeAreTheWorkingClass #kelaspekerja #BuruhBersatu #WelfareState #NegaraSejahtera

Many of government officials around the world especially WHO said covid-19 cases have risen again due to the new type of covid-19 variants. In China, they have carried out lockdowns in several cities.

Will the pandemic and lockdown happening again?

For more information:

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Important difference between Mastodon and Tωitter :

"Reminder: If you intend to show your timeline a post you like, then use BOOST instead of LIKE/FAVORITE - unlike Twitter, your followers do NOT see a like!"

(thanks @jeff)

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