I see loads instantly when logged into but still lags (if it loads at all) when using 🤔

Maybe Gab is finally moving to their Hydro backend...? 🤨 Anyone know what’s going on?

I just noticed I tried to follow myself here on from my instance account... and it says "awaiting approval..." WTH is this?

I never got this notification on Qoto regarding this follow request, and I have a public profile anyway...?

Something in Qoto's configuration must be blocking Gab? I thought this instance didn't block other instances?

So I've exported my near 300 people I follow on another instance and imported it here at and after 24 hours it's only showing 8 people I'm following... is this feature broken on this instance? 🤨

right now is like the little train that could.

Comes online, then goes offline.

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