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In the battleground of history, archival work is cultural defense. Luckily, digital media can be quickly and cheaply duplicated and shared. #copyrightweek #twitter

Apple is putting a seriously DISHONEST, butthurt spin on the EU finally breaking up their monopoly:

- "new risks the #DMA poses to #EU users. "

- "Even with these safeguards in place, many risks remain."

- "Inevitably, the new options for developers’ EU apps create new risks to #Apple users and their devices."

- "That includes threats like malware or malicious code, and risks of installing apps that misrepresent their functionality or the responsible developer."

Re: "Punching Nazis" 

There actually is an argument to be made that the "Nazi" label rightfully applies, which is presented in an update to the Dogpatch Press article linked in the BAR post which directly responds to it. (It also mentions a previous furry-related hoax that the BAR writer created, which certainly deserves its own critique.)

Finally, there's this Twitter post worth highlighting:

"Possible alternative take: It's rarely (but sometimes) okay to enact physical violence against one's political enemies, but *celebrating* that violence is an act that should be looked down upon

"(The correct stance is a deep seriousness and anguish)"

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Re: "Punching Nazis" 

"That’s where my mind was when I first saw the video: the importance of unambiguously condemning violence against one's political enemies, and that’s the article I was prepared to write going into this... That assumed, though, that there were political enemies to fight in the first place. Almost as soon as I started digging into the story, it became clear there was something more complicated, and more tragic, at hand."

"When 'Punch a Nazi' Goes Wrong" by TracingWoodgrains in Blocked and Reported

Even though I hadn't heard of this before, this hits closer to home than I'd like as someone who has long considered myself "furry-adjacent" and in recent years seemingly at odds with parts of the fandom. More broadly, it's an example of how online accusations can lose nuance and become exaggerated to extremes.

@creativecommons the "compatible license" provision in the legal code of the CC BY-SA 3.0 (Unported) legal code has been lost in the redesign.

Previous page from Wayback Machine:
New page:

Missing the definition of "Creative Commons Compatible License" previously in Section 1(c) as well as the provision for such compatible licenses in Section 4(b).

(Plain-text version is unchanged; these provisions are missing only from the Web page. Ports don't seem to be affected.)

@jpgaubier @FirefoxNightly @mozilla This was news to me given that PWAs are still supported in Firefox for Android. From what I can tell, a similar feature (SSB) was removed from the desktop version. I do agree that PWAs are a good thing and I do hope they remain supported on Android.

An organization posting a public statement as an image on social media is nothing new. But making the alt text an abridged version of the statement and not the actual text in the image, that's certainly different.

(And again, the organization has a perfectly functional website where it could post this statement as proper text!)

US politics, Israel/Palestine conflict 

Some other perspectives on this hearing:

"In the midst of complaints that the presidents failed to adequately condemn antisemitism, scant attention has been paid to their opening remarks." - "University Presidents Were Right to Condemn Hate Speech and Defend Free Speech" by Stephen Rohde in First Amendment News

"I’m surprised by the people who think the university presidents were somehow tricked or couldn’t have answered differently. They weren’t and they could have." - "I know university presidents can respond better to odious speech — because I saw it happen at my school" by Ari Kohen for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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US politics, Israel/Palestine conflict 

Seems like I'm not the only one frustrated by the response to college presidents' responses about at the recent "Holding Campus Leaders Accountable and Confronting Antisemitism" congressional hearing.

Ken White (The Popehat Report) has written about this, and the title alone may be enough: "Stop Demanding Dumb Answers to Hard Questions"

In the American political context, "Hate speech is free speech," has a specific meaning, and I think grasping this is critical for any discussion about how we handle objectionable speech, not just in the current context of the war in the Middle East but also in, for example, the context of social media.

@web3isgreat When I first heard about this this I honestly thought it was a satirical news article

The PRO Codes Act is a power grab that would help giant industry associations ration access to huge swaths of U.S. law. Congress shouldn’t fall for it. #OpenAccessWeek

"Colorado high court to hear case against Christian baker who refused to make LGBTQ-themed cake" by Colleen Slevin and Jesse Bedayn for Associated Press

Specifically, someone ordered a pink cake with blue frosting (and no writing) to celebrate gender transition. This case is going to be interesting to watch. Personally I don't think this should be considered speech, assuming that the baker provides options for cake and frosting colors as a normal part of doing business.

@interfluidity Awesome! I've been meaning to write something like this but I never got around to it. I'll have to check this out.

(I was going to ask if this could be extended to Twitter but there's already a tool for that too!)

If I had a nickel for every time I started sponsoring a creativity tool after crappy pricing changes from proprietary competitors, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

Thinking of hosting your own social media? While new projects like the fediverse make it possible, you'll want to consider some of the legal risks involved.

This week, I went over to Bluesky and asked people who'd left Mastodon why they left, and lots of people told me. I grabbed the replies and crunched them and wrote up a summary. I think it's really interesting and often kind of wrenching.


New from NYU Engelberg Center: The Anti-Ownership Ebook Economy

"Something happened when we shifted to digital formats that created a loss of rights for readers. Pulling back the curtain on the evolution of ebooks offers some clarity to how the shift to digital left ownership behind in the analog world."

Read the full whitepaper:

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