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@thr Black Panther was one of the few marvel side movies that was interesting. It seems even less likely now that the avengers franchise will have an interesting future.

Getting into the Elixir programming language, feeling comfy.

@Snow I'm actually surprised by this. I would expect chinese to be well supported. Have you tried chinese distributions like deepin?
(I know there are others but I never looked into them)

(You could also help the translation team, that is a easy way to get into software dev)

@Lwasserman Was it a nvidia card? Their driver was having this issue with some configurations, I recenlty had and fixed a similar issue by disabling vertical sync on xfce compositor settings.

>Linux is terrible for language support, what can I use for?
What do you mean?

@leyonhjelm @Gargron @tateisu I think the problem is that people are happy to be Google serfs as long as Google doesn't interfere with anything they like. If the OS manufacturer wasn't the arbiter of what you can install, this wouldn't be a problem.
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