Follow offers a pretty good service, but its limiting in terms of access to WordPress features and puts pretty intrusive advertisements on my blog. I was thinking of moving to a different WordPress host.

@comphys How comfortable are you with selfhosting? While it costs money, you get complete control and the self hosted WordPress is really robust. I tell people I try to avoid WordPress only because my goal is to learn other web tools out there. WordPress is so trivial I get bored from using it because I learn nothing lol.

@Rovine well my aim isn't really to learn about blogging platforms so I wouldn't try anything too experimental, although I would consider a self hosted WordPress blog. Do you have a preferred host?

@comphys SiteGround came up as the top WordPress hosting choice in reviews, and that's a name I've heard of since a decade ago, when they used to offer free web space which I tried out as a hobby. I moved on to other technology since but I'm surprised at how resilient SiteGround is after all these years. Fair prices too.

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