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The most metal ad you will ever see. It's a Japanese Noodle ad. #metal

I asked to give me a list of the and albums released so far in 2023 and it gave me a list of awesome sounding records by existing artists and as far as I can tell, none of it is real.

I would be first in line if there were a new album.

1. 'Meltdown' by Nitzer Ebb
2. 'Industrial Revolution' by Covenant
3. 'The Rising Tide' by Front Line Assembly
4. 'Void' by Skinny Puppy
5. 'Disorder' by VNV Nation
6. 'Labyrinth' by X-Fusion
7. 'The Darkest Age' by Front 242
8. 'The Silence' by Mindless Self Indulgence
9. 'The Unforgiving' by Combichrist
10. 'Eden' by Aesthetic Perfection

Say what you will about but this playlist cover I just created using is peak and it's f**king awesome.

It has a couple of fault points -- the ChatGPT output can be inconsistent so you have to try and tell your prompt exactly how you want it formatted. Seems to work ok. Even though you get the artist and track from ChatGPT, there is no guarantee it'll be in Spotify's catalogue so I used fuzzy string matching to score for the best pick out of Spotify's search query. In some infrequent cases, it's simply not found though.

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I just wrote a program which queries ChatGPT for any list of music you ask for and turns it into a Spotify playlist.

Example: "Give me a list of the top 50 punk songs released in the year 2000" -> New Spotify Playlist.

Going to read up some more on ActivityPub this weekend. Still thinking about a high performance, low cost, single user instance.

certainly has the functionality to replace but from the average mainstream user's perspective, understanding the ideas behind federation of services, selecting an instance etc are not only irrelevant, but tedious TMI. Not everyone values these things. For most of Twitter, they want a single URL, a login and a password they have to enter once.

So I've been secretly in a cold war with some weird crypto bros for like 6 months now, and worryingly in the last couple days it's looking like they've won. They wanted my Instagram handle, and somehow they've now got it. Without my consent. And it's kinda scary. Strap in for a toot storm (is that what we call it?) [1/16]

People at my workplace this week were making jokes about Drum 'n' Bass being harsh. Ironically, there was a facebook discussion about some of the most beautiful / haunting and Drum 'n' Bass tracks throughout the genre's history on one of my Facebook groups. I compiled some of the songs that were nominated into a single playlist of the most beautiful, haunting and classic Drum 'n' Bass tracks.

I've got that feeling like you're driving your car through a car wash. The only difference is it's my house.

I recently read something about how all our energy crises could be addressed cheaply, safely and sustainably by gravity drives installed in old mines. What I didn't read was any mention of anyone actually getting started on this.

Also, it's clear that the author never saw Event Horizon.

I finally found the youtube comment on Headhunter by Front 242!! I've been combing the comments for it for forever. #IndustrialMusic #EBM

I watched "To Leslie" last night and ... wow ... that's a performance that deserves an win.

Unpopular Opinion: I have no idea why everyone raves about "Everything Everywhere all at Once". For me, it was a 2 hour version of the "Turn Down for What" video with a ridiculous premise and some low-brow body humour thrown in.

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