We at Qoto are always scouting for new Talent, and open to suggestions, comments.

Adding new Staff members is good for all communities -- it's a labour of love, we do it for the fun, the pleasure of seeing things growing up, a nice social climate growing.

I would like to invite any Active user here at Qoto (or in the Fediverse at large, if you decided to join us) to consider if they would like to help.

* Collaborators are one of the levels I see as important in user's participation in any community. While not in a formal administrative role, Collaborators are recognized for the quality of their posts, interactions.

All communities depend on users participation -- otherwise you would be building static web pages and publishing your own content, like a Blog for example.

* Moderation staff, in my opinion, should be active members, who personally produce content and interact with the local membership to enhance a positive climate.

It's not a Cop on the Beat job, although sometimes we have to perform the duties of judging content and deciding what action if could require, or not.

From my post linked below :

"4. What makes a good Moderator? Ideally a stable and pondered person, capable of communicating clearly and actively present in the community.

The job of a Moderator is, in my personal view, more than simply keeping an eye out for unacceptable behaviour or content. But any Staff member in a site should be interested in it and a community builder him/herself."

I wrote my own personal reflections back in late November, 2019, about the role of an active user and aspiring leadership candidate.

It's a Long Form page, of course; I don't post bare URLs or video links much, Words are my passion.

If interested, take a look at :

Moderator Nomination – My Personal Views --

Long post 

@globcoco I sincerely thank you, from the heart -- as coming from a fellow writer, this means a lot to me.

Honestly. I never took training in writing, other than regular high school language classes and voracious reading.

At a time when the amount of reading material I could access would be a small fraction of what I personally hold here, at a home library, now.

Your comments inspire me, and that is great. I wrote a long reply on the Pinafore topic you posted on this morning -- soon to be a blog post, as it's got all the content for one.

This one :

Great to have you here, Coralie.

Shoot, I did it again (LP)!

I don't see myself as a writer more as an emotional expressive being 😊!

Living with one that wants to make writing his living, i feel I don't compare.
He loves words, its meaning, how it flows on and he is very careful about choosing ones that really convey what he wants to say.
Also he has this ability to be very concise and I can't wait to see him flourish in it...

As for you my friend, you have your values that comes right out of the pages and your warmth and your humanity...

Some training may be a good thing or not.
As it can also format you and and prevent you from expressing your true self.

But one can actually train in so many forms and something is telling me that it is what you did.

Thanks to you also, I am getting back to the language I love!

I feel blessed.

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