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Twitter is NOT the public square.

It literally exists on a server farm owned by Elon.

If he wants, he can literally pull the plug on Twitter.

No one should base their online life on that thing. Or anything owned by Meta, for that matter.

I've said this previously in a reply, but it deserves its own thread 🧵

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Hello Fediverse, happy to join you :) Robin Gareus recently added a tiny nostalgic feature: importing lyrics from MIDI files as region markers. The "Import MIDI markers" checkbox has to be on. You can also convert those to location markers and then clean up region markers. The new feature is coming in v7.2 soon.

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I have made horrible mistakes as a parent in the past by taking to heart this trite old line: "There's no instruction manual for ".

Well, actually, there are thousands! They can cover almost every possible aspect and situation you'll face.

And if you're a parent, it's a moral imperative to find and read the manuals for you, and save yourself and your loved ones from untold amounts of very much avoidable suffering.

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@doliu666 Nice food for thought.
My own approach is:
- cutting down
- and doing more of the same values in the same or other things. (repetition or increment similar other things)

I came across this quote in Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, and it immediately made me think of and confirm the merit of my efforts to rid myself of almost every online social account that I have, plus every non-utility app from my phone and computer (4.24):

"'If you want to be happy', says Democritus, 'do little'. May it not be better to do what is necessary, what the reason of a naturally social being demands, and the way reason demands it is done? This brings the happiness of both right action and of little action. Most of what we say and do is unnecessary: remove the superfluity, and you will have more time and less bother. So in every case one should prompt oneself: 'Is this, or is it not, something necessary?' And the removal of the unnecessary should apply not only to actions but to thoughts also: then no redundant actions either will follow."

What does Alex Jones sound like when he snores?

Big tech and centralised platforms do well because they take care of all the logistical, financial and technical things that individuals don't want to do themselves.

If you make doing those things really easy for anyone, half the problem is already solved for wide adoption of decentralised platforms.

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My reaction every time one of these pops up, lol sorry guys

This album and Undead are so puzzling to me. How does a band known as a running joke in death metal circles come out with two absolute corkers in a row and then go right back to being either 'meh' or downright awful?

Think about whether you need it, before you take it.

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Was Neil Young right?

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« As part of the design process for what ended up becoming #GNOME 40 the design team worked on a number of experimental concepts, a few of which were aimed at better support for tablets and other smaller devices. Ever since then, some of us have been thinking about what it would take to fully port GNOME Shell to a #phone form factor. »

I saw Anathema in 2017 at the Gov in Adelaide, the night I proposed to my wife.

Even though I had everything planned out, the atmosphere of the show was so thick with emotion that I seriously considered getting on my knee and proposing during the show. I didn't, but it was that kind of vibe.

Danny was very soft-spoken and very open during the show, and seems like a really gentle soul. I hope he is able to get good help and recover. Wasn't aware of why had gone on hiatus.

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Thanks #Australia for voting out ScoMo. There are so many things I love about this country and I am just so glad that you’ve voted in people who are gonna do more about #climatechange. You’ve still got a long way to go but great next step.

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