Deleted my Facebook account the other day. Been on there since 2007. Ama.

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Play DOOM Using Web Browser Checkboxes (Finally) - If you’ve ever felt the need to render DOOM using nothing but web browser checkbox... - #webassembly #games #doom #game #port

Overjoyed to see Berejiklian and Barilaro gone from NSW.

Not as amused at the number of absolute units on social media coming out of the woodwork attributing these developments to their rioting in the streets like rabid chimpanzees about 'plandemic' and such. Such deluded thinking is just another sign of societal derangement.

Even the propagandist Liberal mouthpiece of Australia's MSM aren't stupid enough to imply these resignations have anything whatsoever to do with lockdown protests. NSW's ICAC drew blood from Gladys and the power broker sharks around her started swimming in. Barilaro knew he wouldn't be far behind if he didn't get out quick.

Switching from Pulse + JACK to Pipewire has been quite the revelation. I don't have any doubt that it's going to become the new standard solution for most distros in time.

After 10+ years of on/off trying, I am now fully transitioned to using Linux in my (Windows-based) place of employment.

Ironically it's largely thanks to WPS Office having a native Linux version that I am able to do this.

Be fearless.

Be still.

Be grateful.

Live intentionally.

Beware ego.

My band released its new album a couple weeks ago. Even now I'm proud of how it turned out. Its my personal best performance, personal best songwriting, personal best mix, personal best master, personal best artwork.

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Mama was queen of the mambo
Papa was king of the Congo
Deep down in a jungle
I started banging my first BONGO.MID

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The best joy in life comes from the carrying of heavy burdens for the people you love.

Microsoft keeps trying and failing to break out of the Windows NT-shaped castle they built around themselves.

The key to writing engaging music is cross-pollenating influence from a wide variety of sources to create novel sounds, a heavy dose of tried and true song structure, and gingerly smattering of weirdness - enough to hopefully surprise and delight, but not enough to alienate.

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#FUNFACT - The 1995 movie 'Hackers' was released 1337 weeks ago 👍

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Been spending the last few nights toying with Evolution as my mail/PIM client, hooked up to Exchange, comparing with Outlook.

Honestly, it's good. Damned good. It's big and ugly just like Outlook and it is so close to doing everything I need it to do, it has a very different character to it to other apps from the GNOME desktop. It's the only alternative desktop mail client with even remotely good Exchange support. I'd probably even be able to switch across completely if I didn't have to worry about changing my work flow to suit Evolution at home, and have to worry about it breaking something in Outlook on my work machine.

Gradually, I am getting a little deeper into the Linux ecosystem, as I start to make the effort in finding good alternatives to the software I use on Windows and getting them configured and content migrated. But I'm not finding it easy.

Some stuff I am experiencing that FOSS advocates often forget:

Switching to free software is not free, far from it. You often have to throw your previous investments in paid software/hardware away. Some of my specialist hardware doesn't work with full functionality. It costs you significant amounts of time as you do research, get into a new workflow and tackle your problems one by one. It's quite frequent that you'll need to use paid services to add extra functionality to the free software you use.

Switching to Linux has associated time, monetary and opportunity costs, all towards the end goal of hoping only to match your previous amount of productivity, not exceeding it.

You need to have a good reason for doing it. Much of the time, the best free software out there still isn't making a better value proposition than its established proprietary alternatives. I'm also conscious that the main reason I'm interested is privacy and maybe just a bit of casual contrarianism. For most people, that's not good enough. If your goal is just to get work done and you don't care who makes what or how it's licenced, Linux on the desktop still isn't competitive.

This is from my band's first album in 2015. I wrote the music on it about eight years ago now and I can finally hear it the way other people hear it.

It was absolutely not apparent to me at the time just how oppressively dark it was, even though others were commenting about it. I just thought I wanted to write dark music then, but listening to it now unnerves me. It strikes me now as not just dark, but indicative of my mental state at the time. My head was in a very unhealthy place then and everyone seemed to know it but me.

While some are very obviously less harmful to your wellbeing than others, at the end of the day, can any social media network have a net positive effect on your life?

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