I was listening to a debate on systems of ethics between two YouTubers today, with one saying that right and wrong come from god's judgement and without it there would be none, while the other argued, putting it probably a bit uncharitably, that right and wrong derive from nature and kind of just exist somehow.

All the while I was thinking "Surely there's some kind of biological imperative that enforces our sense of right and wrong, since without any kind of inbuilt moral compass to an individual or group, we wouldn't be able to even survive at all?"

Well, after writing 5 pages in my journal fleshing this idea out, I started to think, surely someone would have thought of this already?

And it turns out yes, lots and lots of people have and it's called evolutionary ethics. I really thought I was on to something novel there.

I'm surprised this approach doesn't get brought up more in discussions though, especially around trying to tackle the problem of coming up with a solid basis for a secular system of ethics. Maybe I'm listening to the wrong people.

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