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Migrated from Twitter to Mastodon but finding it hard to find the folks you used to follow?

Fedifinder can help.

Cool tool for finding your old Twitter buddies that have moved to Mastodon (and what you can do on your Twitter account to help others find you here)

Please reblog/boost to spread the word. (Liking/Favouriting won’t help)

Watching with the boys on our Discord server. Took a while for to get it on through there, but glad it's finally available.

, to me, means having your employer pay you to read. Wish I could have gotten it in its original language (Spanish) but it would take me too long to finish 😅

Mastodon will update to 4.0 soon! Here are the most exciting new features (in addition to fixes & changes):

- ability to follow hashtags
- ability to filter by language
- ability to translate posts
- ability to post HEIC files (i.e. your iPhone’s native photo format)
- define user roles (big deal for admins)
- define sign-up process on your Instance (admins again)

See all changes here:

Thanks, @Gargron and @Mastodon Team. #Mastodon4

When moving your account to another instance, your followers will auto-follow the new account. However, the process might take a while, since it's handled by those folks servers. Don't panic if your new followers count is stuck at a lower number for a while. It'll eventually all work out. #neuhier #mastodon

My coworker brought in home made charcuterie boards :ablobmeltsoblove:
Also, I suck at taking pictures... and might be lactose intolerant. But fuck it. YOLO

Sígueme, te sigo y te la meto hasta el ombligo.

So... second time's the charm? :abloblurk:

Justin here. Last instance/server I joined seemed to have had issues so, here I am. Not a part of the , I just like trying new things.

Either way, I'm a 🇨🇺/🇵🇷 guy from . Some of my interests include

Say hi and follow :wowspin:

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