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tech dystopia 

"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

I provide free bandwidth on 311310.com for you to share anything you want without censorship. Just ask, and if I like your idea, I'll start a virtual machine for you and give you free resources and bandwidth for your free-speech projects.

What do you think about character limits on social media? (think Twitter)
What is a reasonable character limit as to not limit expression, but to prevent rambling on and on like what is common on Facebook?

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World War I German military bicycle brought from Germany in Tanganyika, present day Tanzania, which was used by German's soldiers to engage British's soldiers in Kenya.

German machine still intact, I need something like this today.

It fascinates me to look at the psychological effects on the children that use my mobile apps after I adjust the algorithm to prioritize the least popular content.

Use of the search bar increased, and therefore the trends aggregator became more accurate, while making search also more accurate.

Categories were used more to find specific content, and automatic tagging of content increased (that's a good thing).

People leaving messages seemed to be more frustrated, but they soon accepted that the app was in a different order and stopped complaining.

More time was spent in-app, up to 20 minutes per day from 8 previously (on average).

I think that while this does cause frustration and anger for the users, they spend more time in-app and generate more data and revenue. Gonna keep the changes around.

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