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This is my first post to this group. As #introduction, I am a scientist that hopes to connect with newsies that are civil, want fact-based information, and that care about humanity and our planet. I love #geology, but I'm not much of a rockhound. I am very much interested in #education and seeking research-based teaching methods that are most effective for our future citizen.

for 22 Nov '22 M7.0 offshore of

normal (extension) event in Australia plate
intensity MMI 8 felt
observed in
seismic waves observed on DART Buoy 55023

read more in the report

for M6.1 in northern

probably a right-lateral strike-slip earthquake along the North Anatolia fault system

strong shaking in the Düzce region, close to the 1999 M7.2 temblor

read more in the report here

M6.1 in

@USGS_Quakes models suggest low chance for lots of triggered landslides and moderate chance for widespread induced liquefaction

Read more in report from 2020:

M6.1 in

@USGS_Quakes PAGER alert suggests large number of casualties and lots of damage

Read more in report from 2020:

for M7.0 offshore of

@USGS_Quakes mechanism shows this to be in downgoing slab (probably?), not on meagthrust

Regional tectonics in 2017 report:

for M7.0 offshore of

@USGS_Quakes models suggest modest chance for triggered landslides and high likelihood for induced liquefaction

Regional tectonics in 2017 report:…

Fall Foliage Reflections Nov. 2022
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Photo by Margi Willowmoon

Hello #Mastodon, since my main motivation for being here is related to my work, here is an introduction:

I'm currently working at the French National Center for Meteorological Research (Météo-France, CNRS) working on spatial oceanography.
My main objectives focus on retrieving ocean color ans sea surface temperatures variables from both polar and geostationary satellites mainly in the scope of the #osisaf project (#EUMETSAT).

Toxic Reply Guys*

You're talking about something really important, usually related to your identity and people who you share it with. Someone pops up Just Asking Questions. Undermining you. It doesn't look like something to report but it makes you feel bad.

Report these incidents, even if you feel silly doing it.

A pattern emerges over time and people get kicked out. Their slow poison is not welcome here.

Please boost this a lot.

* exclusively guys so far

Don't want to link your fresh install of Windows 11 with a Microsoft account? (VM for test, reinstalled laptop or whatever)

Easy peasy! Make sure there's no ethernet cable in the machine, and install like you'd normally do, right up to the point where it whines about internet connectivity requirement.

Press Shift-F10, and you get a command prompt. Enter this command:


Your installation will now restart, but at the network requirement part, theres a "I don't have internet" option. Click on that, and you can create a local only user.

This works for Windows 11 22H2 too!


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