If you think that one side of the political/religious/scientific spectrum beliefs is completely unfounded and delusional. Perhaps you are the one that is deluded.

I find almost every idea that humans deeply believe has some level of wisdom to it, even if there are many fundamental misunderstandings.

Even many "absurd" ancient beliefs like animism and totemism have a lot of intuitive wisdom that modern society could learn a lot from.

Orange marmalade and cream cheese toast is not meant to be eaten. I gave a slice to my sister, and what followed was intense gagging and me screaming, "You must keep drinking sir! Just one more!". She is still gagging and retching. :ablobblastoff:

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

~Henry David Thoreau

When you are a cocky bitch like me the hardest thing to learn is when to keep your mouth shut; being precise and certain in your claims is the first step to intelligent conversation. The second, is asking questions when you are uncertain or unable to act in the desired degree of precision that you're pursuing. :abloblamp:

Buenos días, muchachalatas. *buow bwou buow* - Freddie Benson

Valentine's Day Dinner: Lemon Garlic Brown Sugar Glazed Nordic Salmon, Scalloped Pecan Sweet Potatoes, and Spinach Bacon Feta Salad. :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

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