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First time I gave up rust and did it in go.

Rust and recursive structures (graphs) seem to be painful.

I just completed "No Space Left On Device" - Day 7 - Advent of Code 2022

I've completed "Rucksack Reorganization" - Day 3 - Advent of Code 2022

I am doing advent of code in

And I am pretty confident that my code is clumsy and can be improved significantly.

If any of you would like to point out anything about my mistakes/style/whatever, I would be grateful.

I'd like to build a heatmap of places I visited during the last two month.

I have Google location history json file, but the only site I can google out is broken.

Any advice?

I vaguely remember, there was a site for bet/promises.

Something where I put my money for some kind of obligation like "I am going to contribute to GitHub for 30 days straight, and there I put my $200 to escrow account".

Can't remember what was the name of this.

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USS Enterprise from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. My new favorite ship🖖🏽
#StarTrek #SNW

Spent 3 hours gambling with installation. I wish it would be much simpler than this.

The entire success of relies on simplicity of maintaining it.

I lost this battle for today.

Over complicated procedure with strange and vague errors about OAUTH (which I don't even want to use) killed my intent for now.

If we want success it should be just 'docker run'.

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Are you interested in distributed systems, how Mastodon federation really works, and related implications for testing & operations? Do yourself a favor & read @nova’s excellent writeup of experiments with

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A happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it, and a happy Thursday for everyone else.

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This mastodon fediverse offers a lot of interesting features for refugees from the bird app, but the real question is: why is #MartinScorsese’s #Goncharov (1973) not trending here yet?

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Exploring Mastodon: volunteer-run instances are great, but require more work from those volunteers than most people realize

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