File under more stupid questions I'm pretty happy to have: anyone running or have experience with ? Seems a good option to turn an older HP Stream into a /#dev machine. It's up and running, but I'm stymied by getting working. Next goal will be making sure all my frameworks are (doing so intentionally is new to me). Appreciate any input!

@eshton hi, what's not working in the wifi?
Check what is your network device with

lspci | grep Network

then look for the drivers online, you may have to apt install some package

@arteteco I’m pretty sure that’s the issue. Thanks for the tip... saves me having to figure out how to figure it out. Haha.

@eshton Lubuntu is super light, any lightweight Linux distro would in theory bring back an old PC back to life, try Lubuntu, Elementary OS, ARCH with XFCE or LXQT, maybe even Puppy Linux or Bodhi or some weird distros like that if you feel like experimenting.

@smnzr That’s the reason I’m trying it. I ran RH long ago and then some Ubuntu for a competition I was coaching, but Lubuntu seemed the best contender for this application. I’ll know more once I sort the WiFi issues out and can really start using it. I’m addicted to Homebrew on my Mac so I’m looking fw to using that type of functionality in Linux (never had before rly).

My favorite distro is bunsenlabs linux, debian based and likely lighter than lubuntu.


@arteteco @smnzr I might have understood this RedHat 6-7.2 era, maybe, but I’ve been out of the loop too long now. But! That means lots to occupy my brain learning, and that makes me stupidly happy!

@eshton Lubuntu works like charm on a 10 year old PC of mine. Brought it back to life, literally. Wifi is always annoying to set up, you just need to find the correct driver for it. Most often there is one.

@tapaniraja This one is still young enough it would *prob* run ok w wtvr, but it’s one of those in-between net/notebooks w only 32gb so I figure the lighter the better the odds I’ll actually USE IT and less chance I’ll smash it! Plus it’s a good place to play w OS stuff that I’m not sure of without risking my main lifeline...Er....machine. Haha.

@eshton It's a lot of fun to mess around with OSs on an old machine. At least you won't lose anything if it breaks, hah!

@tapaniraja There was a time when I had a pile of old boxes to run Linux. Then I sort of lost interest. I’ve found that again, but I’m not I teetered in managing a bunch of systems again. I just decided I either have to USE this one for something or find it a new home where someone will.

@eshton Oh definitely. It can be time-consuming. But it's more fun when you actually use it for something in particular.

@tapaniraja This is why this one is getting a particular job. And if I don’t USE it, it’s gotta go.

@tapaniraja As a bonus, I’ll be able to make it VERY usable for whomever it goes to if that happens. :)

@eshton True! You'd be surprised how few can turn old "unusable" computers into something you can actually use.

@tapaniraja Hmm. I should explore that further. I live in a super poor area without many resources. Might be a good way to reach out and help other people.

@eshton Good idea! A lot of people complain their older computers being slow but it's often because they're forced to using bloated Windows 10 etc. Linux can be super light and just as good for basic stuff.

@tapaniraja But then the challenge is getting them to accept programs and an OS with different names that don’t look exactly the same.

@eshton True. Just gotta convince them why it's better. Or would they rather having a computer they can't even use at all.

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