It sucks when you feel like crying, could really benefit from a good long crying jag, but you just don’t have any tears or anything to really cry about.

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Can't you just think of something worth crying for, for the sake of it?
Like the extinction of the tarpian, or the caspian tiger. Or, idk, the global loss of soil, or all the amazing people in the history of mankind who are almost forgot(I'm sure you know some in your field)... and then you can also stop crying 'cause we still have many species and we can save then, we still have soil and we can increase it, and those people are almost forgot, but not quite yet

@arteteco I mean, if I rly wanted to cry, most any “animal” movie would probably do it. Action movies w PEOPLE harmed in vast numbers? No problem! A single animal hurt or killed in a storyline where that’s not even the point? No can do. Lol

What do you mean? I meant extinction of whole species

@arteteco I meant one animal hurt or killed in a movie sends me into a meltdown. Haha.

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