@arteteco I meant one animal hurt or killed in a movie sends me into a meltdown. Haha.

@samathy Good to know should I decide to try it again.

@arteteco umm....no? I mean, if I rly wanted to cry, most any “animal” movie would probably do it. Action movies w PEOPLE harmed in vast numbers? No problem! A single animal hurt or killed in a storyline where that’s not even the point? No can do. Lol

@samathy I believe I enabled this initially, but I had immediate issues w Twitter security flagging my account and disconnected. Have you had any? Never got around to determining if the correlation was actually a cause at the time. (Mostly because I enjoy more free and frequent posts here than I am any longer comfortable w on the mainstream sites.)

File under stupid thing I’ve done: I went rooting around my HD weeks ago and deleted files for a user I created to help Apple ascertain whether a weird behavior in Mail was caused by my profile or OS.... and now they simply refuse to be emptied from my trash. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW BATSHITCRAZY THAT UNEMPTIED TRASH CAN IS MAKING ME?!

@vice_tippy_bunk I use Tootle. It’s the only non-sucky app I’ve tried. (Admittedly I’ve so far only tried free apps as I’m not on consistently enough to consider others.)

Wow... I just had to exercise the mute option for the first time ever. That makes me kind of sad.

It sucks when you feel like crying, could really benefit from a good long crying jag, but you just don’t have any tears or anything to really cry about.

Also? Lubuntu-book experiment failed. It runs well, but I'm just not into multiple systems. I need to find someone who isn't as lucky in options as me to adopt it. Feel free to DM (PM?) suggestions.

Mastodon has taught me: means me, too. I thought I was just a weirdo who never outgrew being a tomboy. Apparently I have a after all. ! (To be clear, I'm still a weirdo...and I refuse to be normal!)

Also, I LOVE GDPR because it's suddenly become SO MUCH EASIER to delete accounts for sites/apps I no longer use. Thank EU!

I HATE (re)CAPTCHA so much I'm going to start refusing to use non-essential sites that use it. Given how often they tell me I've failed, I'd rather be a robot!

@freemo Thanks. Feel a bit better knowing I’m not alone.

It’s hard being the person who “fixes” everyone else problems when there’s no one there when you’re the one who needs a hand.

@Surasanji I adore Chabad! That’s where I want to go. I’d give a lot to bear near a center. But they are around 3 hours away. So for now it’s just me.

@Surasanji I’m pretty jealous of your move to Israel. Another item on my someday list. Thinking maybe in the south tho where there’s a lot of military/tech since that’s one of my interests.

@Surasanji Nor I. I discovered the resonance of Judaism after moving to a small border town. Amazingly, we have a Messianic congregation, and early on I visited there, but there are core philosophical issues I can’t “tune out” in order to be there. Some day I will live in a bigger area where there’s a community for me. I hope.

I've never gotten into (please don't take my Card!), but I NEED this in my book collection. It's the principle! @korenpublishers@twitter.com

@cambridgeport90 Agreed. And while things are starting to chngewith these companies, we are the minority right now. The best we can do is TRY to pick providers who are less evil.

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