In sweden private newspapers are threatening to sue public service because they are to good at delivering written news online... It is truely a horrific society where people can learn about what is happening in the world without paying for it 😩

@micke that's what happened in finland too: YLE was forced to change their online news so that it must always be accompanied with moving pictures.

the result seems to be that there are as much text articles as before, but they have unnecessary videos attached to them nowadays :|


@Stoori @micke well not unnecessary - for people learning Finnish language and some people may prefer watching listening instead reading. As a language learner I find it annoying that almost all news websites do not provide audio video report to their text articles as well. by the way gone opposite direction and stopped providing text articles and now publish only audio reports to their news category still very useful though but I had to switch to for text articles. and again I just do not like idea of watching whole news program I only want to watch or listen to report I specifically interested in not all of them. also had to switch from YLE for other reason because it got blocked in Russia unfortunately, I very like this website.

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