Don't let anyone tell you an 800mm f/5.6 lens isn't a portrait lens :)

Canon EF 800/5.6L IS on a Canon EOS 1DX.

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@david I dunno that doesnt really have the depth id expect of a proper portrait lens. Its a nice shot, but looks like it was taken with a zoom (as it was) which causes a lack of depth youd normally get.

@freemo You get a LOT of compression. DoF is very narrow. Personally I prefer 200mm for portraits, but the big 800 does the job ok.

@david You can do anything and make it a portrait just depends on the look you want. I personally love the look of a zoom taking candids of people if done well. I just wouldnt call it a portrait lens is all

@freemo You can indeed. I shoot "environmental portraits" of people with a 35mm, but if it's a straight up head and shoulders, or the like, I do prefer a telephoto in the range of 135mm - 200mm.

@david It really depends a lot on what im doing or what my intentions are. Reason i like zooms for pictures of peoples face is more for the candid aspect. I dont like posed shots.

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