I deny your request to ask him to unmute you because he is already aware of your request and made his decision. He is doing nothing wrong by having you muted.

As a moderator the **only** thing he has done is follow you and then did not like how you talked to him, so he muted you. While you might consider this mute humiliation, or even harassment, I do not agree.

In fact I would say that because you have followed him across multiple servers, and continually ask me and others to pass along messages to him despite being aware of the fact that he has you muted AND does not wish to speak to you would constitute **you** as the one who is beginning to engage in harassment, not him.

The fact that he will "probably do what I want" because I am a "virtual authority" is exactly why i wont ask or demand him to unmute you. I have no desire to use my authority to violate other people's right to privacy or peace of mind. If muting you is what he wants he has every right to that level of privacy.

We do not support harassment, this is not a case of harassment from a user on our server, period.

@Surasanji @arteteco

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