I did not ignore your request, I listened to your request, considered it it, and told you clearly why it was denied.

Again we will not under **any** circumstance demand one of our users unmute you or unfollow you. Our users are free to follow and mute who ever they wish. If you do not want someone following you we suggest you block him. He only has 77 people he follows and there is no indication he is engaging in follow spam.

I hope this is clear enough for you, but I will clearly state, again, as you asked:

We do not moderate the situation where a person expresses negative opinions about another person.

I asked for details so I could understand your concerns and accusations. You explained them, I investigate, and I see no cause for concern at this time. I am sorry it didnt result in the outcome you wanted, but regardless I do appreciate you explaining your opinion.

@Surasanji @arteteco

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