@zlax I already answered this question. I will answer it one last time.

If the majority of a persons posts are non-commercial original content but he also occassionally shares some of his blog posts when he feels it is relevant. Especially if those blog posts have meaningful content (not simply an advertisement), and the only offense is they happen to monetize their blog, then this is **not** considered advertisement.

Its a fine line, but after reviewing his posts I am not of the opinion that they qualify as advertisements at this time.

Please do **not** continue to tag me in this conversation unless you feel you have **new** information to add. If you do, and I do not feel you are offering new information to be considered I will not continue to respond.

I have already addressed your concerns I am not obligated to repeat my self continually. It is a waste of my time and yours.

@arteteco @Surasanji

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