@kranfahrer oh really, I will definately consider that for my next build then.. for what i do i have no need to do my own watercooling (the GPU watter cooling is how these cards come)... but i might do it just for coolness factor at that point.


@kranfahrer Ok managed to get it a bit hotter.

Before the tests were running long enough to heat up the cooling fluid, so the CPU was staying cool.

However if i keep it at 100% workload for 15 minutes or so the liquid in the coolers slowly heat up to 65 C and max out and the GPU itself gets to 77C at that point. Keeping it maxed out it appears to be as hot as I can get it.

That said if the GPU relaxes the load for even a second or two the liqud quickly cools to 50 C after a second or two.

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