Surgeon general just called for an expansion of AI censorship, including real-time streams.

Strengthen the monitoring of misinformation. Platforms should increase staffing of multilingual content moderation teams and improve the effectiveness of machine learning algorithms in languages other than English since non- English-language misinformation continues to proliferate. Platforms should also address misinformation in live streams, which are more difficult to moderate due to their temporary nature and use of audio and video.

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@icedquinn @freemo time to get banned by streaming desert slideshows


Jesus christ when did the USA become to anti-free speech :(


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I have **no** problem with the government spending money on science backed educational programs to help get people making better decisions... but actually forcing the speech of others in one way or the other, such as censorship... fuck no.


@freemo esp since it's already been established the misinformation programs are corrupt (ex. explicitly naming compounds misinformation despite peer review)



Well whether they are corrupt or not its clear agenda has gotten so strong its less about cold hard facts and more about selling a specific idea, even if that means controlling the narrative.


@icedquinn @freemo the programs have always and America has always had restrictions on speech. There were people being thrown in jail for speaking out against the founders in the 1700s, and it's always the same excuse of "these are difficult times blah blah blah"


You also cant scream fire in a theater as they say.

Freedom of speech does not really mean "I can say anything at any time"... what it means, or at least should mean, is that I can hold any opinion I want, and express and discuss that opinion.


@freemo @rhyse @icedquinn

According to the guy who coined the fire-theater expression, you cannot go around just discussing your opinion, if your opinion is that you don't like the draft. Because he was afraid you might convince someone to dodge the draft, and that's an unacceptable risk.

Always some excuse.


Yea, while his fire in a theater example was spot-on his other opinions were less useful.

@rhyse @icedquinn

@freemo @john @rhyse IIRC he regretted that ruling, because it was to eventually be used as a universal excuse to disregard 1A.
@rhyse @freemo i've been reading a book lately that is 20 years old, and affirms something i suspected. it has always been like this but it was just not militarized.

the FDA has continued to sue and harass medical researchers despite court orders they can't censor medical claims made by people who are able to back them up.

what they do is instead self-assign sole arbitration of truth, based on their own internal records and not on any extant medical standard, and then basically terrorize the nation to comply with it.

they apparently lose lawsuits quite a bit and just keep going.
@rhyse @freemo ex. for whatever bizzare reason, the whole complex just doesn't care about trying to hide the lawfare anymore.

@icedquinn @freemo Haven't read enough modern history books but from talking to people I've been also thinking that it's always been this way. I remember back in 2018 I read somewhere that the food pyramid and all of it's supporting information was backwards and something that the FDA just threw together at the last minute because it needed a stance.

I also remember that eggs seem to be on a 5 year cycle. Every 5 years become either good or bad for you depending on the current state.

I think the militarization and blatantness of it is because social media exists and it's easy to whip up rabid mobs and present fake social opinions through bots
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