WOW just reported and blocked the most aggressive spambot account I've ever seen on the one hour after joining its instance it started following all the active local users it could find plus their followers at a rate of several per minute. Then once it was following it auto replied to EVERY POST in its home timeline with cryptocurrency spam!

Besides being an incredibly dick move it also seems incredibly I can't think of a better way to announce HEY I'M A SPAMMER REPORT ME

FYI it is @ so if you see them just report and block or deny their follow request #FediBlock but I suspect the account will be terminated before too long

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@msh I forwarded it to the owner of koyu. They are generally good about this stuff so I have no doubt the bot will be banned soon.

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@freemo @msh I'm currently stuck with life, but will take a look at it this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@freemo @msh just figured out I can do it on mobile as well. Yeet.

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