Sunday, April 9, 2023
Sent: 8:28 AM, PDT California Time

Hi, I am Monica Andrews, Investigative News Journalist, Appointed Editor-in-chief of Free Peoples Free Press News Sites

Unlike my role as Interim Acting Editor-in-chief at Free Press Without Borders News Sites. My primary purpose at News Sites will be to implement my own vision of deciding on what to focus on concerning special news stories.

I am a political liberal activist, however, I will not let my personal liberal views & opinions interfere in bringing special news stories that I feel are newsworthy.

Primary purpose of this site will consist of publishing conservative, liberal and independent political commentaries.

I also must research and get familiarized with Mastodon Qoto org instance policies.

I must comprehend and understand exactly what I can do cannot do on this site that is directly relevant and pertinent to publishing and republishing various types and forms of media contents.

There will be a learning curve, it is going to take some time for me to learn how to navigate Mastodon Qoto org.

I must experiment on how to post, so I will first make a few test posts or toots. Which I will delete.

Once I learn how to post correctly, I will revert to Free Press Without Borders strict policy of never deleting post or toots.

Sincerely, Monica Andrews, Editor-in-chief, Free Peoples Free Press News Sites

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