Spoutible Is Still In The Need Of Greater Cultural & Social Enlightenment

Mr. Christopher Bouzy has been working diligently to stop the spread of hate on Spoutible. Unfortunately much of his problems stem from new user accounts from anti-social X. I think it is important to watch what happens on Spoutible because Mr. Christopher Bouzy is liberally minded and if Bouzy cannot stop the hate. Who can?

"PSA: Spouts mocking someone's identity or gender will be removed. Repeat violations will end with a permanent ban." -- Christopher Bouzy Founder/President/CEO Spoutible Social Media


Treat others as you would like others to treat you." -- The Golden Rule

Sincerely, Monica Andrews, Editor-in-chief, News


In response to:

"If I could have one curse to cast on humanity, I would probably curse everyone with honest self-reflection."

Dear Eric J. Korpela at SETIEric: Actually we all could benefit from honest self-reflection, our world would be a much better place if everyone looked back on their lives and gained thoughtful new insights.

Sincerely, Monica Andrews, Editor-in-chief, News

If I could have one curse to cast on humanity, I would probably curse everyone with honest self-reflection.

"Why were there so few female scientists? Why was science considered a masculine enterprise? Reflecting on these issues, Keller embarked on two projects: her studies on gender and science, and her biography of US geneticist Barbara McClintock."


In the midst of painful times, it’s important to do some things that bring comfort. Making challah may not bring peace to the world, but it will bring joy to our own home & right now, today, this little action is what I can do. #ShabbatShalom

Should Gal Godot marry Al Pacino and change her name to Gal Pacino?

Please boost for awareness. If it gets enough votes then she has to do it. That is how the internet works.


Dear Aure Free Press at mstdn social: Thank you for the good thoughts!

Sincerely, Monica Andrews, Editor-in-chief, News


It's the weekend.
You made it through another work week nearly sane.

Be thankful for your blessings, enjoy life and have the best damn weekend possible ❤️❤️❤️
- Aure

"POWER Interfaith will be on 92.9 FM, WGGT-LP on Germantown radio TODAY from 4-5pm to share how our Climate Justice & Jobs members are making a difference in moving PGW away from fossil fuels." gtownradio.com/

Not to brag, but I was spewing out hilariously incorrect information before huge tech companies decided to create AI chatbots and ruin the internet.


Dear The Rob Burgess Show: I believe that Trump would like to have kept George Santos in the U.S. House of Representatives as a diversion so he could take the heat off himself. Trump still may be able to utilize George Santos as a political martyr.

Sincerely, Monica Andrews, Editor-in-chief, News

There is a myth that is autonomous. It is not. Scientists are humans. Their values, biases, expectations, and foibles all affect their work… and what we know.

My Experiences On Qoto Mastodon & My Interactions With The Administrator Of Qoto Dr. Freemo

By Monica Andrews, Interim Acting Editor-in-chief, Free Press Without Borders News

This Report will be posted on Free Press Without Borders News Websites

I report on social media, so I am looking at qoto.org, Qoto.org is a social media platform on the Mastodon Fediverse, Fediverse is a group of Mastodon Instances also known as servers which are independently owned and operated, they however can talk to each other via instance addresses much like email addresses, which allows for greater flexibility over traditional social media platforms such as Twitter renamed X.

Let me now discuss what I find to be interesting about qoto.org; it is uniquely centered around learning, currently qoto has approximately 26,642 users give or take at any given time, qoto has an easy user interface for beginners, this makes me very personally happy. I myself like the following introduction on qoto.org:

"Welcome to the QOTO instance

QOTO: "Question Others to Teach Ourselves An inclusive, Academic Freedom, instance All cultures welcome."

"I know you won't believe me, but the highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others." - Socrates

"We are all adults here, act like it. Despite our belief in freedom of expression we want to create a space where people are respectful to each other. Don't disrespect people; if they disrespect you then block them and move on. If we get a report on one of our users then an administrator will reach out to the parties involved and try to mediate a peaceful resolution. We will talk it through like mature adults. Lets remember there is a person at the other end of the screen, if we can be mature in real life we can do it here too."

I, Monica Andrews, Investigative News Journalist currently am responsible for operating an account on qoto.org known as "Free Peoples Free Press" News. My first reaction to qoto.org had been utter confusion, I knew absolutely nothing about this type of free and open social media platform. Also I would like to clarify that not everyone considers Mastodon to be strictly defined as social media.

Is this a good instance? Qoto offers each user a peaceful area in which to define your personal user account, administrator and moderators usually do not interact with you unless you ask for help or violate qoto's basic rules of conduct.

As a news journalist I strive to be unbiased, which in this case is hard because I personally like the administrator of qoto.org, so let me say this, qoto has a lot of bells and whistles of which I really find great, one of the most important features is that posts can have up to a whopping 65535 characters which I find to be most important as a news journalist.

I feel like a car sales person giving a sales pitch when I say the following, qoto has standard features much like other Mastodon Instances on the Fediverse, what I think chiefly separates qoto from other instances, is qoto's focus on education, Dr. Freemo believes in people learning at every stage of their lives, he is at times an aggressive debater, he is always honest with his opinions, I do not always agree with him, he does try to live up to his own site rules of conduct.

I never contacted Dr. Freemo concerning preparing and posting any information concerning qoto.org. Dr. Freemo never solicited me to post any information concerning qoto.org.

I usually consider 2 important areas when reporting on social media platforms: 1. Technological Innovations and 2. Positive or Negative Social media atmosphere.

1. Qoto has great technological innovations as far as I can tell concerning the creation of toots (post) on Mastodon related instances on the Fediverse.

2. Qoto for the most part has a nice pleasant atmosphere for user accounts to communicate with other Qoto user accounts and other Mastodon Instances (servers) on Mastodon Fediverse.

So would I recommend Qoto.org: If you are a strong willed independent person who is looking to expand your knowledge base or help other people to educationally grow, qoto.org is the place to be. I would say that realistically that qoto has a positive focus on individual personal self improvement which is attractive to me. Dr. Freemo I believe is sincere about being fair to everyone who either has an account on qoto or interacts with qoto user accounts. Again I do not always agree with Dr. Freemo, he never hold it against me if I disagree with him.

In the final analysis, qoto.org administrator/moderators do not attempt to unduly influence people to change their beliefs. If you should choose to engage them in lively discussions, they will present/proffer their own individual views and opinions that are independent of qoto.org.

Sincerely, Monica Andrews, Editor-in-chief, News


Dear some of you,

I am asking very politely that you refrain from posting violent solutions about those you think deserve the worst, in your replies to my posts (Ex: about Trump, Pence, fascists, etc.)

I've been getting an uptick in "Hang him!" or "I want to see him at the end of a rope!" or worse.

Violence is not the answer. Trump's thugs think so, but I don't. Is that really how you see yourselves, as knee-jerk violent? I doubt it.

One warning. After that, I block.

Thank you.

@realtegan @corbden @GottaLaff

There's a fundamental problem with any call for violence in a democracy; it kinda negates the whole point of a system ruled by law. ("We had to destroy the village in order to save it.") Serious advocacy of violence (and I *do* consider Trump and his cronies to be doing exactly that) places one squarely outside democracy.

"Impose the maximum allowable penalty on every one of them after conviction in a fair trial with due process" certainly lacks emotional pungency, but it does at least stay within the bounds of a democratic system.

What to do if this effort fails and the fascists gain power? I do not want to go there, in any sense of the phrase. But until then, I'm stopping short of advocating violence in any way.


In response to:

"We criminalize ."

"But all is, at root, *sexualized* prostitution."

"Bottling up the urge to just better allows the elite to bottle the urge to procreate."

"A , at the end of the day, is little more than the expression of repressed sexual drive."

Dear Leftist Lawyer at kolektiva social: I agree with what you are saying. I do think some of us have evolved away from such primitive behaviors.

Sincerely, Monica Andrews, Editor-in-chief, News

Christopher Bouzy, CEO of Spoutible contemplates seeking to obtain alternative financial resources to fund Spoutible Social Media Platform

"There are limits, and I cannot fund Spoutible on donations and my private savings indefinitely." -- Christopher Bouzy Founder/CEO Spoutible Social Media

Spoutible Account Holder User Precautionary Warning to Mr. C. Bouzy

"I think this steps dangerously close to what you've tried to avoid; Being accountable to a major investor. I'm not against fundraising campaigns but if you start getting large investors, you will start to having people demand they get more say in the company and accountability to a smaller group." -- Syckhero


The lie: #GenocideJoe is somehow responsible for the civilian casualties of Netanyahu's retaliation against Hamas terrorists.

The truth: Our president, #JoeBiden supports the right of Israel to defend itself, but not to unnecessarily kill civilians.


#israel #hamas #palestine #politics #uspol

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