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@kev Woke up to unusual traffic and couldn't figure out what happened for a good ten minutes, until I opened Fosstodon.

Thanks for this, @kev! I put in a LOT of effort getting design right, and I still feel there's so much room for further improvement.

Either way, to have such a strong endorsement is terrific, to say the least! 😊

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @olimex - Manufacturers of open source hardware and devices

🌟 @LimeSurvey - Free open source alternative to Google Forms

🌟 @ubuntustudio - Linux distro aimed at creative people

🌟 @karrot - FOSS platform for sharing resources in real life (e.g. food sharing)

🌟 @greenfediverse - Directory of Fediverse instances which use renewable energy

🌟 @tuxedocomputers - Building customised laptops and desktops with Linux preinstalled

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Hello world!I'm trying out this new open source and #ActivityPub compatible #VKontakte clone.It's still in a early stage of development but very interesting anyway.Registrations are open,try it out.

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One thing I do notice, is that the community I have come across on here seems infinitely more informed and civil than the average person on Twitter. I left Twotter for a few months and just checked it out again.. Holy shit.. It's been more than two years since I left Facebook and I don't even want to know..

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The Search for Any Software that can handle Mastodon Data Exports : still on. I had seen someone mentioning using a nice JSON editor, asked and got a reply back -- it's a Mac OSX package, no Windows version for me to try.

Maybe someone can check and see if this could open our Mastodon user data export files?

See also my Mastodon – Options for Moving an Account ? blog post for refereces of what I am taking about.

#FediReporter on the hunt for some way to use these Data export files.

#Mastodon #Pleroma #UserData should be easier to access!

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>> That's it, In 5 min I'm going out!

Lol, a good thing! Do it. I just came back, went grocery shopping and found some interesting things. Plus the Bananas which are my essential breakfast food and missing this morning.

Just made a plate and had one, smashed, with oats and a drizzle of maple syrup on top. Yummy.

Another hot day here, and I think I will be inside for the peak warmth hours. Was on a road trip yesterday and it was hard on the afternoon, returning leg -- hot and sweaty, thankfully we didn't get much traffic which would have made it much harder to endure.

People were out on the roads like if it was normal times -- trucks, trailers, boats, canoes, dogs, kids and everything else.


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Long post, long quote included. 


I am looking at the buyer reviews on the Amazon link Jon provided, and they are quite good. The NY Times book review is also quoted briefly, and seems nice too.

A long review quote from John W. Cowan's post :

"The development of that magnificent resource for the mind, the Internet, has put us at a turning point in human history. The development of all the tools of the mind has provided turning points and in making his case Nicholas Carr takes us through what happened to us when we went from clay to papyrus to paper and from tablets to scrolls to books. With every one of these changes the world shifted some. Not as much as now though.

At the same time that the Internet is changing the world, bringing us closer together around masses of information, it is changing our ability to think and it is changing our brains in dangerous ways. The issue is not the content of the Internet, but its process.

The human adapts to its tools and its tasks. Give a man a hammer for a lifetime’s work and his body shapes to effectively drive nails. Take away his pen and give him a typewriter with a ball and his prose turns from fluid to staccato. (That happened to Nietzsche in the late nineteenth century.) In that process of adaption the brain, since it is not a machine but an organ, changes. These changes can be seen with instruments and their results observed in human behavior. This is the world of Nicholas Carr.

I will describe a tiny fraction of what the Internet is doing to our brains.

1) The brain, confronted with a glowing screen and the ability to hypertext its way from one interruption to another across the universe of knowledge from what its buddy in Australia thinks of rutabagas, to the spelling of rutabagas to the history of rutabagas to dishes that can be prepared from rutabagas leaves the brain sliding from one fact of surface interest to another fact even less useful, until it occurs to the brain to pursue the prompt on the pop-up menu and check the weather and get off of this slide onto the weather channel where a five minute video on playful seals on San Francisco Bay can be watched for free which does remind the brain that it could slide over to Facebook and find out if anyone “liked” the picture of the family cat posted an hour ago. And many do. Twenty-three “likes,” praise the Lord.

Just as the carpenter’s arm grew it muscles to deal effectively with the hammer the brain changes to succeed in a slippy slidey world of itty bitty bits of knowledge intended to interest momentarily and then disappear.

So what will happen when it confronts a life choice? Will this passive instrument skidding from meaningless bit to another meaningless bit see itself suddenly as an agent? A “decider?” Or will it in panic seek the next button to push, even if that button bears the label “Self Destruct?”

According to Time magazine this is happening now in the Silicon Valley high schools; kids depressed and without a sense of agency pushed around by the ripples on the surface of the Internet are choosing to leave life. Rutabagas have lost their interest. Having your cat liked did not fill the hole intended for having yourself loved. And this child is not accustomed to doing things about things. This child does not do. This child is done to. With the same alacrity that he or she pursued the prompt to watch the seals he or she may “decide” it is time to end this."

Seems like a good reading for us!


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I have a love /hate relationship with technology... That phrasing may be too strong. I think that with every technology, it's a trade off. With watches we progressed, but lost things as was mentioned earlier. Everything is like that, isn't it? I'm tapping this out on my smart phone, with which I'm never alone, always tethered, rarely have solitude.

I'm a software developer, I have no microwave. I have a robot vacuum and a reel mower for my yard. I try to be aware and make conscious efforts to think about what the trade off is with technology and make a choice.

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Ah, thank you, that's nice to see other authors are seeing and referencing this. we need to think it over and find a way to cope the best we can.

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The Shallows is a book about this, how even former book lovers are having a hard time sitting down and reading like they used to. I was gifted the book years ago. Didn't finish it....

I did read The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction recently, which is short and an encouraging read on largely the same topic.

Daniel Pink has a book called When, if I recall the title correctly, all about his humans interact with time, which is fascination. I did finish that book too. ( He's just making other people's work easier for public consumption, he's not the source of the data.)

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#Introductions Hello Fosstodon! Glad to be a part of a //real// social media group -- one that fosters open communications and privacy. <== I get to chose -- which is the only real social thing to do.

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Hello Mastodon!
Hello Fosstodon!
This is my first post, or toot here.
I will setup my profile later and discover more.

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@kev @dwytemartin Same here. Anytime I show my family members and sort of irrefutable privacy breach evidence or major privacy concerns they just say, "I'm not really worried about it, I've got nothing to hide."
I'm doing my part in trying in trying to "show them the way" while not sounding like a radical conspiracy theorist but, it falls on deaf ears. Makes me a bit sad for them.

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Flooded by email? Think the only solution is to give all your data to Google or Microsoft because they have smart inboxes that help you handle the flood of mails? In case you missed it: We have good news for you!

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MarkDown is simple, looks Good.

And here's a quick snapshot of some commonly used MD formatting commands.

Easy peasy as mentioned. See the original page with more here.

#MarkDown #Reference for Content Producers. #GlitchSocial and #Pleroma, #Friendica all support it.

why stay in vanilla plain text Mastodon ? Find a new home... 👍️ 🙂

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Up your Game -- Take a MarkDown Tutorial

If you really want to learn and use it well, take the MarkDown Interactive Tutorial - A free, quick and enjoyable way to learn.

Highly Recommended - I have worked in Education for many years and it's the Best application of Tech to Learning that I have ever seen. That good!

🇬🇧 Available in English.
🇫🇷 Disponible en Français.
🇪🇸 Y también en Español!

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I'm doing the Overleaf course in very soon (in half an hour) 😉

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mastodon is so...comfy. like wow. actually being able to engage with people is pretty cool, instead of being suffocated by ridiculously low character limits.

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We really do need a better way to deal with waste materials

Why is UK recycling being dumped by Turkish roadsides?

How we got to a point where the 5th richest country in the world can't invest properly in waste management is beyond me, there are small companies here, that can take old plastic and turn it in to something useful,. e.g kayaks. Why can#t we put millions in to expanding these.

I have a pencil case made from old tyres. we have to start to think differently.

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