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#Introductions Hello Fosstodon! Glad to be a part of a //real// social media group -- one that fosters open communications and privacy. <== I get to chose -- which is the only real social thing to do.

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Hello Mastodon!
Hello Fosstodon!
This is my first post, or toot here.
I will setup my profile later and discover more.

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@kev @dwytemartin Same here. Anytime I show my family members and sort of irrefutable privacy breach evidence or major privacy concerns they just say, "I'm not really worried about it, I've got nothing to hide."
I'm doing my part in trying in trying to "show them the way" while not sounding like a radical conspiracy theorist but, it falls on deaf ears. Makes me a bit sad for them.

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Flooded by email? Think the only solution is to give all your data to Google or Microsoft because they have smart inboxes that help you handle the flood of mails? In case you missed it: We have good news for you!

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MarkDown is simple, looks Good.

And here's a quick snapshot of some commonly used MD formatting commands.

Easy peasy as mentioned. See the original page with more here.

#MarkDown #Reference for Content Producers. #GlitchSocial and #Pleroma, #Friendica all support it.

why stay in vanilla plain text Mastodon ? Find a new home... 👍️ 🙂

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Up your Game -- Take a MarkDown Tutorial

If you really want to learn and use it well, take the MarkDown Interactive Tutorial - A free, quick and enjoyable way to learn.

Highly Recommended - I have worked in Education for many years and it's the Best application of Tech to Learning that I have ever seen. That good!

🇬🇧 Available in English.
🇫🇷 Disponible en Français.
🇪🇸 Y también en Español!


I'm doing the Overleaf course in very soon (in half an hour) 😉

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mastodon is so...comfy. like wow. actually being able to engage with people is pretty cool, instead of being suffocated by ridiculously low character limits.

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We really do need a better way to deal with waste materials

Why is UK recycling being dumped by Turkish roadsides?

How we got to a point where the 5th richest country in the world can't invest properly in waste management is beyond me, there are small companies here, that can take old plastic and turn it in to something useful,. e.g kayaks. Why can#t we put millions in to expanding these.

I have a pencil case made from old tyres. we have to start to think differently.

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**New treatment for common form of muscular dystrophy shows promise in cells, animals**

"Researchers have designed a potential new treatment for one of the most common forms of muscular dystrophy. Medical researchers have created and tested synthetic DNA-like molecules that interfere with the production of a toxic protein that destroys the muscles of people w…"

#science #news #bot

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Getting Good Penpals, a Slowly Users Guide

This has been posted and recognized as a valuable resource at Reddit for maybe almost two months now.

After sitting in my Blog editor for almost 30 days, I decided to publish it -- in Two pages, with a final Part 3 coming soon dealing with the loaded question of "Adding friends via Slowly IDs".

See "Getting Good Penpals, a Slowly Users Guide - Part 1" here. This introductory part has background info, and continues on part 2.
See "Getting Good Penpals - 2. Three Ways to Go" for part 2.

Hope you enjoy reading this, a more detailed, illustrated and carefully written version of my original Reddit forum post.

#Slowly #penpals #friendship

Hi Mastodonians,

I wonder if Zoom has REALLY improved its security issue by now?

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Here's a nice reminder that turf grass is just simply bad. (far left)

Hello Paul,

I'm doing a clean up and want to get a bit more clearer on where I am right now.
As I don't see myself using much of discourse and faircam I think it would be best for me to leave the space so that someone else can step up.
Is it possible to cancel my subscription on both account?
Also a small note when mails are being sent to a group, it is much better to put them on cci.
That allows for less phishings...

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Don't Open! 

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A Better Browser possibly ?

Always looking for good alternatives. Will NOT use Chrome or even most of it's siblings. Exception, MS Edge new gen, but that is for special use cases only.

Now I found an interesting alternative to consider.

Waterfox is my all purpose and wonderfuly stable and fast browser. But LibreWolf seems intriguing too.

From LibreWolf Documentation

This project is an independent “fork” of Firefox, with the primary goals of privacy security and user freedom. It is the community run successor to LibreFox

LibreWolf is designed to minimize data collection and telemetry as much as possible. This is achieved through hundreds of privacy/security/performance settings and patches. Intrusive integrated addons including updater, crashreporter, and pocket are removed too

LibreWolf is NOT associated with Mozilla or its products.

Features :

Latest Firefox — LibreWolf is compiled directly from the latest build of Firefox Stable. You will have the the latest features, and security updates.
Independent Build — LibreWolf uses a build independent of Firefox and has its own settings, profile folder and installation path. As a result, it can be installed alongside Firefox or any other browser.
No phoning home — Embedded server links and other calling home functions are removed. In other words, minimal background connections by default.
User settings updates — We keep up with gHacks-user.js and pyllyukko’s user.js
Extensions firewall: limit internet access for extensions.

LibreWolf Home page. Available now for Linux, a Windows port is planned. Things to improve modern web life.

#FediReporter Tech update.

Reviewing it soon if I can get a linux machine running to my liking. #Manjaro seems the one!

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@rgx This project looks really good.Normal Firefox doesn't really care about privacy and that sucks.They even set Google as default which should be a no-go.I had a look at GNU IceCat which is a libre Firefox fork but it's based on outdated Firefox LTS.Maybe I'll try LibreWolf.If they really give me perfect privacy with the latest features,it's exactly what I'm looking for.

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As I sit here with the ennui washing over me, I look at my cat. And I don't feel the ennui for a minute. She's laying down beside me, sleeping and purring. She's happy just being with me.

I've never really felt like someone was happy just to be around me- certainly no human being. Without interaction, without entertainment... just happy to be close by to me.

I love this cat so fuckin' much she can pierce through bipolar depression that I've been struggling with for two fucking decades.

Only since I got her have I felt like this. Like there's someone out there who loves me truly unconditionally.

Anyone who says cats don't love people as much as dogs do is wrong. This cat loves me as much as any dog I've ever owned, she just shows it differently.
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@globcoco Yup, Minder is pretty neat looking and easy to use. Here's one I made!

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June 23, Alan Turing's Birthday

"Alan Turing was an outstanding mathematician whose work has had an enormous impact on how we live today," Bank of England governor Mark Carney said on Monday. A statement by the Bank of England added that he "provided the theoretical underpinnings for the modern computer."

Turing's electro-mechanical machine, which foreshadowed the computer, broke the "unbreakable" Enigma code, which the Nazi authorities used to pass orders to their command chain. Bletchley Park, north of London, the site of Turing's work, remained secret until the 1970s.

Remembering his work, his brilliance. RIP.

After harsh punishment in the 1950's led to his suicide, many years passed until his tremendous contribution to the WWII Bletchley Park Code Breaking operation was acknowledged by the British Government.

Now he will be honoured with his portrait in the 50 Pounds bills in the UK.

See also - Live Science page

#Science #Computing #Technology #crypto #History #WWII

#rgxJournal tribute to a great human being and scientist.

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