“Live. Laugh. Love.”–style wall art, except it reads, “Live. Long. Prosper.” 🖖🏼


teacher: what does “agnostic” mean?

me: I don’t know

teacher: correct! how about “ambivalent”?

me: *shrug*

teacher: yes! how about “nihilistic”?

me: what difference does any of this make?

teacher: amazing

"Everyone has at least one weird uncle."

-Einstein’s first draft of his Theory of Relativity:

Wie man seinen Postzusteller begrüßt, wenn genug Schnee vorhanden ist.

Involving myself in the sweat and infarction inducing horror of British Airways’ horrifically terrible mobile app has made we wonder why there is no equivalent of the #razzies for apps? My suggestion would be for an annual #Crappies Awards ceremony. Worst design. Worst UX. Greediest In-App Purchase Demands. Most Endless Ad-Loop (I’m looking at you, CandyCrush) Most Pointless Function. I’m sure between us, Mastopeeps, we can think of 10 or 15 categories.

Working from home saves employees 2 hours a week in commute time. fortune.com/2023/01/24/worker-

Saves 2 hrs a week? Uh, where do these folks live? Try two hours a DAY.


Having fun with #StarTrek polls lately! #poll 😎🖖



In case you missed it, Sideshow Collectibles' unboxing of their #TheMandalorian #BobaFett Premium Format Figure, still available on their website: bobafett.club/gc75z

Video by Sideshow, with short edit by BFFC; see the full video at youtu.be/5pQyLVWZnM4

#StarWars #DailyFett

First #FollowFriday wanted to share a few great ones to check out.

@donmelton - General
@Gargron - General
@hen - Privacy and Security
@techlore - Privacy and Security
@FirewallDragons - Privacy and Security
@thenewoil - Privacy and Security
@ChrisLAS - Linux
@JoeRess - Linux
@5ciFiGirl - SciFi
@duke - StarTrek
@battles - StarTrek

There's a blanket on Amazon which lists as a selling point: "Not easy to deform" 😂

Focused protection is a scam.

One, vulnerable people are everywhere.

Two, vulnerable people can't just stay at home forever.

Three, it doesn't lessen the burden of the pandemic, it only shifts more of it onto the people most impacted.

#COVID #PublicHealth

I don’t know why my credit rating is so bad, I keep getting emails that say my account balance is outstanding.

@Lowie I’m sorry but if you don’t have at least 3 unused fireTV/Roku/AndroidTV/AppleTV sticks, boxes, or otherwise, floating around - then I can’t trust that you’re actually human and we shan’t be friends.

Don’t brush your teeth with your left hand.

Use a toothbrush.

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