I guess some people won't accept my follow request cause of my empty profile which makes them suspicious of me, as if I am a russian bot, f*b*i, that unlucky date or whatever another reason.

No, most likely I will never even interfere into your mentions or DM; my sole purpose of being in the Fediverse is the same one why I am on the Internet - I live here. If I don't get anything, I won't bother anyone and just read and learn continuously on my own. Well, maybe the issue is my quite poor communication skills that is caused by living a big part of my life in a very judgemental environment and I can't get used to something different. Self-reflection is hard to process.

Also, I am still getting acquainted (and quite amazed, ngl) with federated network. I need time.

That's it. I am not sorry if I made a language mistake, English is not my native tongue.

Peace out.

@guiltbert You should not apologize for nor try to justify being yourself! You're among kindred spirits here; we're mostly all neurodivergent freaks and nerds on the fediverse. If anyone gives you shit for being you just block them and stick to conversing with the nice people of Mastodon!

Welcome! :)

@guiltbert Thank you for telling us. Now we can be much more confident that you might maybe not be a russian bot, fbi, or that unlucky date.

@sss Just a bit of experience with coding + Selenium + creative mind and honest playfulness, - voilà! - you have your own Russian bot twins army
I believe you are not alone in this Fediverse!

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