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Can you please let Trump in again? People are suggesting he might join Mastodon together with some 75 million covidiots. Please, please let hem have his twitter account 🙂

Just a stupid question. I have these cd’s with macosx 14 or less in my hands. It was for a powermac (mac mini).

Would it be possible to install this as a vm? I did see some article about kvm on ppc. Anyone?

This might be to long for the normal Mastodon hosts, qoto allows 64K chars, I will use a lot of them in this article (thanks @freemo )

So, here we go, it seems whatsapp will be down for me too :-) No, I am not planning to let them share it (although a lot of apps are sending data to facebook).

In my life i tried a lot of communication apps. Skype, msn, icq, psi, etc…. There is one that always comes back, xmmp in all its forms. Pidgin, psi, empathy, etc.. yes there are even command line xmmp solutions. I even used those to monitor our network in the past.

I tested xmmp with a real end2end encryption using gpg together with a friend here on the fediverse (hi Darkstar :-) and it simply works. I can even recommend using a real e2e enecryption if you are using the default Google apps on your phone, it simply isn’t safe. See remarks of Arjan Kamphuis in video’s still available. He might sound paranoia but he knew (I would love to write knows) what is needed.

Fact is that if a private key is on a device connected to the internet needs a damn good security plan to have it secured. It is readable by the os no matter what you try to hide. I might spend time to write another article on that topic.

Alternatives…. are there any? Sure, there are a lot of them but you need to think about what you are chatting about. I had a small test using matrix (revolt in my case) with another person here and found that I can verify him and he needs to name certain items presenting to him/her in a picture. When he/she verifies me my client is not going to show a different picture since it might been hidden in parts of the interface. I can tell you that this will not work for my granny or grandchild or anything in between. It is simply to hard for them. Sure, we, the ones who work with this a lot will have no problem with it but I tend to be lazy too.

Imho we should rethink the e2e encryption in a way where there is more trust (it is to easy to simply accept keys in most solution) and having an easy way to make this secure.

Jami might be solution but there are hardly any users around for me to test it

We need to find a way to make the trusted network to be authenticated in a simple but secure way. A good key exchange, or even a two way verification of codes. Anything that does not involve storing private keys on the same device.

I can think of a lot of ways how this could go wrong but it would still disable third parties to break your privacy.

Maybe there are some identity specialists who can tear down my remarks and call it bs :-) Be my guest, I would love to hear your answers. (Ping @meneer )

A second issue is, how are we going to convince our family members to move to a different solution?

I am more or less blasted. This covid thing does play a role in it too. Trying to keep up a good mood so we can live in peace but he, it is hard.

I think it is harder then the Brexit, the US elections and even harder then the middle east crisis. We should all learn from this and have a closer inner look in how we will live after Covid-19 is in control.

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After all of the suprise doorstep visits from people in our street I have a very warm feeling. Yesterday some Dutchies brought us Oliebollen (fried sweet balls of dough) and today a German family that moved here brought us smoked Trout. He smoked it in his back yard.

If there is one thing that is sure then I think the covid pandemic brought people a more relaxed feeling it seems. Can't wait until Covid is controlled and we can invite these people in our House.

There we go, new friends, a new year and although we might need to isolate ourselves every now and then we do have this point on the horizon. Vaccines.

I wish you all the best for this new years and hope to see some new friends irl over the next months. Maybe in a safe distance or shoulder to shoulder if we are all safe.

Let's think about how the world can be changed. Using Foss is one thing but we have more concerns. Maybe we can all travel a lot less or different to keep our co2 exposure/consume low. Maybe we can simply enjoy our own country when it comes to Holidays. Who knows what is possible.

Anyway, enjoy a new start, may all your wishes be granted.

Happy new year all, stay safe

I think I will concentrate on coding again. Tired of sitting behind a screen and seeing people doing weird stuff. Maybe I should rebuild spamikaze in a more generic tool to help people block others.

It seems I will have a bunch of cores installed tomorrow, gpu cores that is.

Just curious is there is any rdbm that handles/uses it.

@freemo b.t.w., this has been going on for a while. Tried this before.

What to do with people who are trying to connect with you over and over using xmmp? I had someone who wanted to talk about open source, tech in depth but he tried to connect to me a third time using a different name. From what I discovered he/she comes from the underground with some vague dns shit from Russia.

Well, I do like to talk about this/that but when I have the feeling people are just sucking out info or try to get you to do something when they come from a domain with privacy in it's name then I loose my patience.

Sorry for being harsh when I stated I am not interested.

Funny, in 1995 I reached out to someone with the lastname Jakubas since I investigated family ties. It seemed they all did not live anymore.

In 2017 I started to search again and found that same persons husband who mentioned me on a Polish website. That triggered me to reach out again. My half brother indeed did not live anymore but his Son is alive.

The person reached out, we exchanged info a lot and last week he send me a book about their lives. No, I do not talk Polish but I am very honered to be in their book

v3.3.0rc1 is showing the image so I need to be a little patient before we can upload to

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There we go, the colored background is back instead of the uploaded image.

What to do when everything is in lockdown? 😃

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