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Maybe it is time to introduce myself a bit more. The local feed on Qoto was really nice so it is time to meet more people.

In my late youth I started to travel as a merchant sailer. Tired of home, tired of how the world looked like and most of all the need for new adventures. The following text of a song still makes me smile

When I left my home and my family, I was no more than a boy
In the company of strangers

After a few years working off and on ships I did meet this lovely wife who now, some 40 years later, is still my fav person. Married, 2 kids, a dog and a tree in the garden, very slow living when you compare it to what I did before it.

Had lots of jobs in the past but in the late 90s I educated myself a bit and started to learn about the internet, a bit of coding and got offered a job at home from a company in the Netherlands. That was the start of the rest of my career. 20+ years of working with opensource / free software. Participating in a LUG, writing software to setup a dbl (dns block list). This besides working for different companies as a linux engineer. Mostly web related stuff.

In 2008 adventure started tickling again. We moved to Germany while still working for the Dutch company. A nice house, a garden, more room and space. We enjoyed this situation until 2017.

We do still live here but I was medicly forced to stop working in 2019. Currently my days are filled with the house, our dog and the garden. Still able to do stuff and hoping to keep it that way.

Here for fun, mind triggering stuff, challanges, etc...

Food for thought. I might break my old grey mass to see what I can do with these tutorials. They sound logical. 😉

Hmm, it is even doable if you are a bit familiar with lists/arrays.


Might still be a problem when you will load it into rstudio 🙂


I should get my hands wet again on de RequestHandlerController of Nextcloud. I love POST values that are being used without proper checks.

One of the problems I see in federated software is a mixed content warning. Is it so hard to understand Apache or Niginx?

proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;

Thanks all.

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Just want to give a shout-out to Audacity, which as far as I'm concerned is the open source creative tool that actually achieves the promise of open source creative tools. It gets significantly better every release and releases every few months, and the UI gets better and better (the key thing most open source tools don't achieve). If you tried Audacity a few years ago or more and decided it was unstable or clunky to use, download the latest version. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Congratulations to Boston, which just banned facial surveillance technology. This is another step toward protecting civil liberties everywhere. Learn about face surveillance and why we supported legislation to defend privacy rights:

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**X-rays size up protein structure at the 'heart' of COVID-19 virus**

"Researchers have performed the first room temperature X-ray measurements on the SARS-CoV-2 main protease -- the enzyme that enables the virus to reproduce. It marks an important first step in the ultimate goal of building a comprehensive 3D model of the enzymatic protein that will be used …"

#science #news #bot

It seems I now have 256 photo's online. Wonder if I will get some 512 or so next year.

I now know I will look into filters a bit more @freemo 😃

Here is a long read. it might have a STEM related topic in it since a lot of mind games are played.

I am trying to minimize news for a few years now and that was good. It eased my mind and I was able to concentrate at more important subjects. I blocked all news on social media when it comes to the red headed rooster who calls himself great, even here. Simply for the reason that I am not able to influence the outcome of elections.

And then Covid-19 started to pound on a lot of doors. Since I am a stakeholder on avoiding getting it I started to follow news again, mostly about the virus but I started noticing something. People seem to be impatient about a solution. Impatient parts of the economy was the first round of people who do not seem to think. And broadcasters did seem to find in audience in asking politicians, virus experts and other people with more knowledge about the virus to simply give people more freedom.
Every morning there was a new branch of companies that came with complaints.

Then the BLM demo's started, I support the idea but not the time where this started (yes, I know that is hard to change). In my case I followed the news in the Netherlands mostly. The Amsterdam demo was a turning point. There where way to much people and I think they are all lucky that only one person got sick, where it isn't even clear where she or he got the virus.

A lot of people started demanding to let go the Covid-19 rules resulting in a demo today where some 17K people planned to come to a demo on the Malieveld in Den Haag (Netherlands). People would not be able to keep distance and even DJ's where announced.

It resultet in Hooligans fighting with the police. Some 400 arrests too.

When you investigate these events and journey the internet on these topics then you see one political group (right wing parties) trying to give these demo's directions. When you look a bit further then a lot of international right wing party members are demanding their freedom, telling people to ignore the rules since it is not needed, etc... Never based on valid arguments.

I am wondering if Steve Bannon is enjoying this a lot. I see tweets like the following

Occupy Unmasked; The Undefeated; Generation Zero;

I hope people will question the so called facts these idiots are tweeting.

Yes, the idiot part was my opinion, always have your own opinion 😃

It seems Facebook bought Mapillary, the framagit link points to a script to delete your photos

For those amongst us who are into it, I did an encrypted installation on a vm, it looks very nice.

Sure, flatpack is used, a deb can be used to.

I am sceptic since it looks like another ubuntu variant but lets see what happens.

@design_RG @globcoco @freemo

Just wondering if any of you tried the reader view of Firefox. I used that a lot when I had an eye problem. It was the only way to normally read an article at that time.

What I noticed is using it for the Mastodon feed shows the missing parts, missing posttime, and in general a lack of post related borders.

Might be nice if Mastodon will work a bit more on the layout I assume.

Is anyone familiar with this one? My Son, a gamer, came with it and asked me to help him out. The os is described as:

Pop!_OS is an operating system for STEM and creative professionals who use their computer as a tool to discover and create. Unleash your potential on secure, reliable open source software. Based on your exceptional curiosity, we sense you have a lot of it.

Slowly getting into the Holiday mood. Bought some t-shirts, short pants, photocam stuff and I am looking at the place we will go to. Packing old technical stuff, a chromecast, in case dlna is not working. etc....

Tomorrow we will setup the pool. It is going to be very hot this coming week.

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