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A power company that has received £6bn in UK green subsidies has kept burning wood from some of the world's most precious forests, the BBC has found.

The way #Drax and others can keep on burning wood because it counts as #RenewableaEnergy is just scandalous. We really must drop the language of #Renewable (a hangover from peak oil worries anyway) and go for #ZeroCarbon energy instead.


"Drax: UK power station burns wood from rare forests"

Ah yes, Drax, chomping its way through the world's biomass, and belching out carbon dioxide by the tens of millions of tonnes, all the while raking in green subsidies.


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Ghosts of EU’s rightward future haunt nature law fight 

Europe’s conservatives lost their battle against an environmental bill. But after the EU elections, they may win the war.  #press


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Have you ever heard of "Conformal Cyclic Cosmology"? This is a *deeply* beautiful idea of Penrose's: accelconf.web.cern.ch/e06/pape

He claims he can show that the state of the universe when maximum-entropy heat death is reached is mathematically dual to its state at the moment of the big bang. As if the universe itself were a universe-sized singularity. So you can just continue running the "maths"* from there, and hey, new universe & it doesn't know it's made entirely of vacuum. (1/2)

* He is British

"Ex-minister apologises for saying there are ‘no-go areas’ in UK cities - Paul Scully says he is ‘slightly furious’ with himself after comments about London and Birmingham"

'Slightly furious' has all the makings of a very English meme.


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Today's an important day in Scotland's journey towards ending harassment and intimidation outside abortion service providers.

The Scottish Parliament will now hear evidence over the next 4 weeks as Scottish Green MSP GIllian Mackay's bill makes its way towards becoming law. 💚

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I reject this improvement because it falls short of perfection!

Nick Ferrari shuts down Muppet-Minister Beaker after the latter repeatedly fails to answer a simple question.

"Ministry of Defence pauses new Army housing plans after backlash"

Rupert is revolting.


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@freemo @realcaseyrollins @randahl @trendytoots I don’t think it’s an odd take at all. The West has drip-fed weapons to Ukraine, never supplying enough materiel for them to decisively push back the Russians. Apparently it suits the West to allow Putin to self-destruct Russia, and they don’t care how many Ukrainian lives that costs.

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As a resident in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, where do your votes count most?

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"More journalists have died in the first four months of this current conflict than the entire 10-year Vietnam War. By some estimates, 10% of the journalist workforce in Gaza has been killed." meaa.org/news/gaza-journalists

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There was a time when people thought this guy was going to take us to Mars and it turns out he literally can't even install Windows.

Charlotte Church - antisemite or idiot?


(Have I got this right?)

"Lee Anderson stands by attack on Sadiq Khan and launches fresh broadside"

This is interesting. I can only surmise that 30p Lee is deliberately stoking up the gammonry of Ashfield, positioning himself to fight the seat for Reform UK Ltd, and thinks he has a real chance of winning. It would be interesting to see some polling from the constituency.


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In ‘news that should surprise nobody but it’s nice to have it quantified’: high speed rail is less carbon intensive than short-haul flights, even when you take into account the full life cycle (including construction).

In other words, we should be banning short-haul flights and investing in trains.

sciencedirect.com/science/arti #trains #climateChange #rail #transport

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