Hello world (and universe)! I'm a journalist from who writes about , , , , and whatever else is trending that day.

I recently got to talk to an about cosplay, of all things. That was unexpected. space.com/european-female-spac

My favourite stories cover , and other ways to make our universe a little bit more inclusive.

I am blundering about here on Mastodon as a beginner ... but believe in showing others that learning and growing at any age is a good thing. :)

In my spare time I enjoy ... and I'm also a beginner coder, because why not.

Drop by and say hi!

@howellspace Hi Elizabeth, I like your reason for becoming a #Python coder, although I'm also learning #Python for pragmatic reasons 😎

@__icoder__ Ha! I wanted to learn something that allowed me to build things, without having even more stuff lying about my residence. It's only been a few weeks, but I'm enjoying. What about you, what do you use Python for?

@howellspace I use it to analyze data at work, and I want to learn more and improve. The possibilities seem endless, which is great and requires focus at the same time.

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