@fraser Hey, it's good to see you on here, Fraser! :) I hope all's well.

A senior executive at Zero-G loves watching first-time customers on her company's parabolic airplane flights. Joining the joyriding clients are new types of people seeking access to microgravity, even if it's just for a few seconds at a time, across a spectrum of abilities, interests, and science types.


#Astronomy #Astrophotography #NightSky #Space #Comet

With Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) moving towards the east, I was able use my telescope tonight to get a few images of the comet. The comet now has a visible magnitude of 4.4, well within naked eye view but the bright moon makes it hard (really impossible) to see. Took 40 pictures at different exposure speed and ISO settings. These four are the best ones.

First image at 10 seconds, ISO of 3200.

Second image at 15 seconds, ISO of 3200.


Sneak preview of my next fine collection of photons from my driveway!

This is part of the **Seagull Nebula** in *Monoceros *(on the border to *Canis Major*); you're looking at the average of about 13 hours of 10 minute Hydrogen-alpha emission exposures, with stars removed.

Try to spot two things:
- *bow shock* of a star (looks like a thin crescent Moon)
- image artifact from a plane that happened to fly through


Hello world (and universe)! I'm a journalist from who writes about and whatever else is trending that day.

I'm a full-time staff writer at Space.com and freelance for numerous other publications. I also teach communications at the post-secondary level.

My favourite stories cover , and other ways to make our universe a little bit more inclusive. Here's an example:

In my spare time I enjoy and learning .

Drop by and say hi!

The is about to host one giant leap in artificial intelligence (). A machine learning system will make its way to the moon's surface onboard the United Arab Emirates that launched with Dec. 11.


Ta-dah! Felted planets, as seen in visible light, designed and entirely handmade by me. Do you like? #science #crafts #hobbies #felting #space

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My shot of the gorgeous green ZTF comet gracing our skies right now β˜„οΈ

This is the result of ~200 stacked images over the course of half an hour, from my courtyard, with a vaonis vespera

#vespera #comet #astrophotography instagram.com/p/Cn8EH7hIr2q/

This isn't really my handiwork, as the telescope did all the work, and I haven't done any post processing, but I wanted to share my first #astrophotography, Caroline's Rose cluster. From my tiny, light polluted back yard, no filters

A first attempt at processing some images of Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) captured last week whilst the comet was scooting through the stars of Draco. I'm pleased to have picked up both the dust tail and the fainter ion tail. I need to spend more time on processing... This was 120x60s exposures at ISO1600. Vixen ED80 on an EQ5, Canon 6D camera. #Astrophotography #Comet

A memory shared today for the Day of Remembrance: The day before the launch disaster, senior NASA official James Beggs made an urgent phone call to the agency's chief engineer after seeing icicles on the launch tower.


These night shots on the #pixel7pro are not difficult, the difficult part is having the dog stand still long enough to take them πŸ™‚

It's also amazing how much light pollution there is even in the unlit ruined cemetery these were taken in.


#photowalkmyworld #photography #astrophotography #shotonpixel #basingstoke

A bit streaky as I did have my telescope aligned accurately enough for imaging but here's a pic of the comet everyone's talking about took from my back garden.
#astronomy #astrophotography

Evening all. My most recent image of IC410, the Tadpole nebula. I've recently discovered a new bunch of tools and scripts within PixInsight and have enjoyed putting them to good use. #astronomy #astrophotography #tadpole #pixinsight #altair

Canada just lifted a big barrier for launches to from the nation's soil. The government has given a green light to request orbital launch licenses in Canada, clearing a in rural Nova Scotia to not only apply to host its first suborbital mission in 2023, but to strive for a test orbital launch in 2024.


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