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2020 - so 2019!!!

When is it going to change?

And who's going to change it?

Toot Redux

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@TheDonkeySays @prabha
You know what the worst thing is? With CAA & NRC, the way the BJP & it’s ministers keep saying “its for the good of the country and no Indian Muslims will be impacted” makes you question if you’re nutters for not believing them. Text book gaslighting, these assholes are doing. And a whole lot of people are believing them too, thx to modia, which is parroting this line and maligning protestors.

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I was watching Crimson Tide the other day. For those who don’t know it’s a film set in a Cold War era US submarine which receives an order to launch a nuclear attack on the USSR. The first officer gets into a huge argument with the captain, who has sole authority to launch nuclear missiles, after communications are lost and starts a mutiny, which ultimately saves the world.

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"The growing inaccessibility of science"


"Access options"



Please note that January's Book of the Month is 'Protect and Survive' by HMG/HMSO and the Track of the Month is 'Dogs' by Pink Floyd.

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Looking for a list of average global temperatures by year for a simple Python assignment. Googled:

average global temperature per year "list of numbers"

First hit: a climate denial site.

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