F5 acquires NGINX for $670M.

Dont know how these Tech mergers will affect the open-source industry.

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Existing vulnerabilities have already slowed down Intel processors. How slow are Processors going to get once all of these are resolved?

Is it time we moved away from Intel Processors?

This Holiday Retail season is going pretty hot in terms of sales...

No weekend November more like..

I didnt know people buy so much stuff...

Really cool discovery:

Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life


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Wizard of the internet, King of the data centers, Slayer of cables!


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Show HN: MindForger Markdown IDE – Autolinking, MathJax Menu and CSV Export

(submitted by dvorka)

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I think we will go back to dumb terminals and everything else on a cloud.. how we interface, will be our choice..

We will need damn fast internet. I am also assuming Internet will need to be free in near future.. It will probably not remain free (free as in unbiased)..

in the future how do you envision a personal computer to be like ?

I dont think Laptop/Desktop is in the list..

where will televisions go after 4K, curved displays and paper thin display..

specially when AR/VR is growing at a high rate. I hope we completely get rid of televisions in the near future..

Apple bought Shazam..

I guess Shazam has always been that app that has been useful.. but difficult to monetise..

How many toots/hr is this qoto.org mastodon handling currently ?

Will Intel be able to manufacture a safe microprocessor ever again ??

I am seeing a lot of accounts on Twitter trying to open Mastodon accounts.. looks like the word of mouth is spreading..

By any chance does anyone remember watching TeleMatch in your younger years?

This was a german show where people from two towns competed against each other in fancy clothes against obstacle course made from foam.

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